Black man almost lynched by mob of racist, passerby save him

a video of a group of men tying a black male to a tree in Indiana saying they will kill him over the course of July 4th weekend.

thankfully a group of passerby showed up and stopped the assault possible murder from taking place.

A Black man says a group of white men assaulted him and threatened to “get a noose” after claiming that he and his friends had trespassed on private property as they gathered at an Indiana lake over the Fourth of July weekend.

Vauhxx Booker, a local civil rights activist and member of the Monroe County Human Rights Commission, posted cellphone video on Facebook that shows part of the altercation. He said he called 911 Saturday after the men assaulted him and pinned him to a tree at Lake Monroe, south of Booker’s hometown of Bloomington.

Law enforcement officers with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources responded and are investigating, said Capt. Jet Quillen. A final report will be forwarded to the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office, Quillen continued, providing no other details about what happened or whether any arrests have been made.

Mkay. What’s your point?

This sounded like bull ■■■■■ until I watched the videos. I’ll refrain until the investigation is complete.

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Maybe they came down from canada.

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Did anyone hear anything about lynching in the video, or see any rope?

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Some dude named jussie was reported in the area


Are any of them politicians?

Seriously, what is up with canadians??

canadians must feel empowered because of their racist prime minister and his black face routines.

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stop derailing the thread.

No. I heard a racial slur. I’m not real sure what a couple of the videos were.

Bunch of drunk rednecks.

Nah but I definitely heard a “ya damn libruls!” in there.

The screaming one barely looked conscious. “You invaded us!” :rofl:


Meanwhile, an 8 year-old girl was murdered by armed “protestors” in Atlanta.

Not almost.

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I think he was addressing the root cause.

start a thread about it.

I’m sure you do.
no racists in America.

The left wants to abolish police, yet expect things like this to be investigated?

Anyone see a mixed message here?


The left don’t want to abolish police.
you seem to be confused on what defund the police means.


I like this one. While we wait for the truth. Racial violence, protests. Fits nicely.

I’d suggest in the future if you want something, you ask nicely.


There’s nothing to derail. He’s trying to save it.