BLACK LIVES MATTER: USAToday finds Russian ad buys sought to stoke racial tensions in US

Interesting tactics by the (Russian) Internet Research Agency

According to USAToday:

The roughly 3,500 Facebook ads were created by the Russian-based Internet Research Agency,

While some ads focused on topics as banal as business promotion or Pokémon, the company consistently promoted ads designed to inflame race-related tensions. Some dealt with race directly; others dealt with issues fraught with racial and religious baggage such as ads focused on protests over policing, the debate over a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico and relationships with the Muslim community.

The USAToday analysis shows the company targeting “both sides” of the 'Black Lives Matter events.

  • A Facebook ad for something called “Back The Badge” targeted Facebook users of a certain demographic, who had already liked pages such as “The Thin Blue,” “Police Wives Unite” and the “Officer Down Memorial Page.”

  • Facebook users interested in Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X and black history were targeted with two ads in rapid succession. One depictrd two black brothers handcuffed in Colorado for “driving while black.” The other read in part m “police brutality has been the most recurring issue over the last several years.”

The analysis doesn’t go much deeper than that. If that was all then those supportive of police saw more police supportive ads instead of whatever ads they would have seen I dunno, naughty moms and Christian singles?)

Likewise those with a demonstrated interest in civil rights issues saw ads depicting police in a negative light instead of whatever ads they would have seen.

So far it seems more interesting than harmful.

I’ve tried to observe any influence of Russians trolling the US and the only person I can see that was affected by them was Michael Moore.:rofl:

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As good as the democrats have gotten at stoking racial tensions that was a waste of money for sure.

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really good tactic by russia though.

The soviets helped promote racial separatist movements for decades. This is just modernising it.

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Facebook is rolling out a new feature that lets you see where various facebook groups/pages are being run and administered from.

They accidentally enabled it yesterday for a little while, it was quickly found that various Trump groups were being run from Macedonia, eastern Europe and Ukraine. But so were many BLM groups and even native Indian groups.

This new form of propaganda and disinfo by foreign intelligence services is here to stay, unfortunately.

I thought I’d noticed little pop-ups of “About this ad” for more than just yesterday but for a few days. In any event, that’s good to see. And yeah, I don’t think this is going away either. Gotta wonder when the deniers will actually admit it exists. Maybe in November? :slight_smile:

Yeah pretty much the moment they lose and there’s Russian interference.

I don’t think a mid-term loss would do it though. Presidential. Then they’ll probably flip to McCarthyism :grin:.

What’s ironic is that racial tensions couldn’t possibly get any more help from the Russians, Obama had already set those woods on fire.

Yeah because the racist reactionaries freaked out that a black man could actually BECOME president and threw up scare tactics for eight years. And Trump helped fan those flames during the election.

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Dude…that was weak…even for you.

Dude… the Kenyan usurper rhetoric wasn’t limited to some crazy fringe

Not even close to all opposition to Obama a lot of Was based on racism a lot of it of was based on inagined communism and a lot of it sure as hell was based on racism

Oh…let’s have a beer summit and settle it? Give me a break. President Obama reversed a great racial course our country was on…and history will well remember that fact.

Great racial movement my ass. The beer summit wa stupid. I am seriously beginning to believe that you guys think that if you don’t see it then it doesn’t exist. A black man in office allowed some people to believe that they can be loud about the discrimination they face in their daily lives so people like you can understand that this path or whatever is an illusion.

And yes we are better than. Where we were 50 40 30 years ago but to say that but for Obama racism was on its way to disappearing is bonkers.

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Which has made the changes since Trump came in all the more tragic. The racists have been empowered again. I do believe that will change. I mean you have to.

Speaking of which has anyone read Jon Meacham’s new book? I hope to get that for Father’s Day. I really want to add that to my reading list.

I’ve already posted many times how President Obama held the hammer to drive huge nails into the coffin of racism but instead, used the claw of his tongue to remove the nails that had already been hammered.

Keep the country arguing instead of actually focusing on issues?

Why is that a shock to you?

as i’ve posted, i went to the Storm place before the election. they were positively giddy about Trump and what he could do for them. their biggest concern was if this was a bait and switch.

ironic huh? even the Storm guys knew back then not to trust Trump.

have you noticed how often we read that Obama and his era will be wiped out and off of the US completely? i don’t think i’ve read those exact words about a president before. maybe they were out there but this is like a big deal to people now. they want to make sure those 8 years never happened. like it was just pretend or something.

weird stuff.

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