Black Leaders Call for Refunding NYPD

“I think that a total elimination is something we need to reevaluate,” Adams said, CBS New York reported. “Right now, bad guys are saying if you don’t see a blue and white you can do whatever you want.”

Well damn! Make up your minds.

I guess Baby Lives Matter.

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LOL that didn’t take long.

and I thought all the social workers were going to soothe the criminal hearts and minds…

WAIT! Has Ocasio-Castro-Chavez been consulted about this?


Lib free thread?

Seems it’s back firing on em and now waiting for their talking points.

Narrative damage?

Good one. Seems it’s unrepairable. They painted themselves into corner again.


I don’t live in NY so I probably don’t know all that went into the decision but disbanding the plain clothes unit seems unhelpful.

It was a great plan last month. I think Deblazio mentioned it yesterday.

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What’s so great about it ?

The people spoke!

Apparently my theory about a celebratory crime wave (cause these morons just can’t help themselves) is gaining steam!

They get what they vote for.

The NYPD should all take a month off. They don’t want police… let them live without police.


Who are “they?” You want to punish innocent Americans living in terror because of politics? C’mon man.


The believers of the Intersectionalist religion take over the voices of communities and now the actual members of the community speak up and you thumb your nose as if they knew voting democratic was going to lead to a push to defund the ■■■■■■■ police.

These people are Americans too for ■■■■ sake and they’re caught up in some ■■■■ that they can’t immediately vote out and as far as I know there was no referendum on the police budget just a bunch of people (many of whom weren’t NYC residents) having a meeting of empty minds banging bongo drums on the front lawn and the government capitulated.

I’m happy someone stood up and spoke up. And from what I see, it’s becoming a trend. I support these Americans.

The people out there marching aren’t the entirety of the voice of the people, I don’t hold the people trying to take care of their families responsible for the actions of religious fanatics that have taken over public discourse.

Interesting hardily any other news agency is covering this, oh wait nm doesn’t fit the narrative.

Stupid is…as stupid does and defunding the police was as stupid as it gets…well…next to Biden being the lib candidate for President. :sunglasses:


Unless they have a bullhorn, some snazzy signs and a kickass chant, no one will listen.

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Thank goodness.

Some actual leadership has shown up and spoken wisely.


Agreed. Not all people agree with the anarchy. Most law abiding want the police in their neighborhoods to help keep the community safe.