Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


Telling someone to stop posting is a violation of the TOS regardless whether you are talking to a Mod or anyone else. At least it used to be.


The only fact that was known initially is that Smollett said the attack happened.
Almost every medium reported that the attack did happen rather than allegedly happened.


Wow you were serious. That’s kinda sad


i cant believe the beloved kamala harris jumped right on this narrative without even questioning it

wasnt she a prosecutor?


What was said didn’t raise to that degree or I would have flagged the post and let another MOD deal with it.


Now she says she is “disappointed”. Disappointed that there was no hate crime?


ha yeah right disappointed that MAGAs are not lynching and america is not as racist as she thinks

such losers


It wasn’t a fact now was it?

Fake news is what they did report.,not to mention promoting propaganda which they become good at.


Yes Harris and Booker passed the much needed Jesse Smollett anti-lynching Bill after that.


Then you admit your statement was wrong since you can’t prove it. Thanks.


Here is her tweet

If it was just the first part everyone could say good on you, but then when you read the second part from “at the same time” is her lamenting it wasn’t true, but if you look at the stat’s it was possible . . .


Judging by any number of fake hate crimes in recent years that got attention only to disappear down the nothing to see here hole I would suggest a few basic rules (some or all of which others may have suggested), it’s probably fake if:

A noose is somehow involved

It happened on a progressive college campus

The one who noticed is in any way a SJW

Doubly so if they’re in race/ethnicity/etc studies

It’s conforms to memes and stereotypes

MAGA merchandise is involved


She wasn’t supporting Smullet. She was speaking out against hate crimes – which are a problem for which I think there’s no disagreement. There’s no problem in what she posted.


Let’s not worry so much about fake crimes and worry a lot more about real ones.


Yeah…let ignore fake lying media/reporters that has become extremely dangerous to our Republic.


How would we know there is a problem? Democrats keep promoting these false accusations kind of tells otherwise.


Is there anybody leftists won’t go after? Our Founding Fathers, Abe Lincoln, Mother Theresa and now John Wayne!! :open_mouth:


She was also lying about a 17% increase in hate crimes! There has been an increase in “reported” alleged hate crimes. That’s a BIG difference and its also an example of fake news and lying politicians!


Just stating the rules. Rules are supposed to be taken seriously.


Exactly. Why some people here are not able to understand that distinction would be puzzling if it wasn’t so common.