Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


keeping him on the show is one sign

the way he was coddled in the media and still is to some degree is another.


I didn’t even reply to that foolishness.


Your off-the-cuff statement was that Hollywood was full of “deranged leftists”. Let’s see Hollywood celebs on the right. We started with John Wayne.

And here’s one I’m sure you’ll like: Ted Nugent.

Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians - except for the occasional mountain lion steak.


how does this change what i said?


If you can’t see it, I’m not going to play teacher.


Except that MUCH of the media told the story of the attack on Jussie Smollett, when they should have said the ALLEGED attack or that he claims he was attacked.

They told it exactly like it was true and they knew it and we shouldn’t doubt it. This is a huge problem with the press today. They have lost all critical thinking and simply choose a side to believe and to promote.



Pretty much at best it sounded pretty far fetched. Although highly skeptical I didn’t dismiss it at first but the “This is MAGA country” and the noose bit he was definitely peddling in the area that media personalities could have at least questioned the story. Everyone knows Chicago isn’t MAGA country,…


I didn’t believe it right away, because rather than being the attackers, people wearing MAGA hats are far more often being attacked. There was an attack on a MAGA hat wearer just today at Berkeley and I have seen several videos of the same thing happening before.

It just didn’t fit at all.



The real media reported the facts they had. And they updated the story as the new facts came in. The only problem is people who think they know how the press works that don’t.


WHO are you calling “the real media”?

I heard time and time again the story framed in such a way that it was a forgone conclusion that it was true.

It slowly started to unravel and then they started to use “alleged attack” more often, but initially it was just too juicy to worry about.

Sorry, but this is no better thatn the Kentucky High School kids who were savaged by the press, initially, when a high school cub reporter could have feretted out the truth.



There was a few though, I could look it up but she was on CNN after she read the report she said something like “America what have we become”. She should have waited for it to play out.


How a story is “framed” varies from newspapers to TV, especially when it comes to happy talk local broadcasts. If you’re judging all media by one or two examples, you’re not getting the full picture.


I’m not getting it by one or two examples. I’m getting it by several examples. That’s exactly why I know this is a real problem and not just a few abberations.

The standards for the press today are abysmal.



No, they reported allegations as fact, and they did not begin walking back the story until days after the “facts” began to unravel. There was a time when the Media would verify “facts” BEFORE reporting them as such.


ok so it changes nothing

it seems, like the latimes, you are attempting to create a narrative that distracts from this smollet fool and how its become a big black eye on the leftist media who jumped at his story to support THEIR narrative

sorry. a handful of non-leftists (dead or alive) in hollywood/entertainment does not undo any of this


of course they jumped on it. that fits their narrative.

big black eye for idiot media. yet another one.

helps make it obvious how leftist they are


Yup, just like they jumped on “MAGA wearing kids surround Native American Viatnam Vet”.


It is starting to look more and more like he did that as well.


which proves that the people in his sphere support his actions. at least so far they have been.

wonder what would happen if tim allen faked a beating by a couple of illegal migrants

(which unlike smollet case, actually happens a lot)


They should have been able to tell by his stupid accounting of the event. It was way to far fetched.