Bishop Evans...say his name!

He died for Republican political theater. Seems to be all the rage these days.

Good point!

I’m just thinking about the hypotheticals here. (I guess I sound like I’m politicizing Evans death that’s really not my intent I’m just stunned at the way they’ve reacted…especially given what they did to the horseback border agents.)

Suppose Bishop Evans had stood there and watched those two drug dealers drown…and someone had caught him doing nothing on video???

What would the reaction have been?

Would Trump have made a statement or a phone call? I think he would have…of course if Trump were in office there would be a wall and the illegals wouldn’t have gotten these glaring messages to come on in…the cartels would not be running the southern border right now…

I guess elections have consequences…we are going to be paying for that thing in 2020 for a very long time.

Saving drug dealers…

His death is on Brandon

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Yes it is.

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God Blessed Texas and Bishop Evans with the selflessness to save lives no matter who they were.

May he Rest In Peace :star: :us:

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Biden doesn’t give a ■■■■ about Bishop Evans unfortunately nor the 13 Americans who died in Afghanistan nor those left behind over there. :roll_eyes:


The Biden bunch will do whatever it can to ignore the memories of the heroes It has sacrificed.

It’s shocking to consider the differences between the reaction to Mr. Evan’s passing and the way the reacted to the horseback agents. They had to be condemned…Evans has to be ignored.


The Biden bunch is a contemptable collection of human beings.

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Yes they are.

If Biden was a decent person he would call Specialist Evans family and apologize. He died doing a job he should never have had to do.


If Biden was a decent person he would have realized Commander in Chief was a job over his head & not run in the first place.


Today is the day Bishop Evans will be laid to rest.

Thank you for your service sir. You died a hero far to young.