BILL TOO? Clinton Says He DOESN’T Owe Monica Lewinsky an Apology | Sean Hannity

Former President Bill Clinton shocked Democrats and other ‘Me Too’ advocates across the country Monday, saying he doesn’t owe Monica Lewinsky a personal apology and has no plans to say “he’s sorry” to his White House intern.

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I hate the Clintons , but what should he apologize to Lewinsky for?

She pursued him , was of age , and everything was consensual .

With all the women he raped and molested , the issue is Monica Lewinsky?

Goes to show you where the herd mentality is these days .

I’d consider there to be a reason because he was the POTUS and she was an intern. He had an authority over a young lady of 22. When someone is in a position of authority over someone, the standard of decency is raised for the boss and understandably so IMO.

If Slick Willey Bill Clinton doesn’t want to apologize to Monica Lewinsky then maybe he would like to apologize to the woman he raped ! The Clintons are two criminal con artist from Arkansas who conned their way into the White House the first time .

because Bill tried to call her a liar…

First, consensual usually doesn’t occur between highest ranking employee & lowest employee in the workplace while on the clock. That’s quid pro quo. Second, he vehemently denied the accusations for 6 months and his ‘apology to the entire world’ wasn’t issued until indisputable evidence had come to light. Anyone in a position of power over others eventually has to deal with someone infatuated with their power. Part of their job is HANDLING THESE ISSUES APPROPRIATELY. How can you blame a 22 year old young lady for being smitten with the most powerful person in the world?

■■■■ him and the little pony he rode in on.

Don’t tempt Bill. Just sayin…………:sunglasses:

sorry you got caught is not repentence