Bill Maher questions our U.S Senate system

I was watching Bill Maher on Friday night, and he was interviewing George Will. Maher once again brought up the point about our senate system and how it makes little sense. Here’s his problem:

Each state has 2 U.S Senators, regardless of size. California has about 40 million residents. Wyoming has 577k residents. Both states have 2 U.S senators. In one state, you have 1 Senator per 20 million, and in another state you have 1 Senator per 288k.

Maher doesn’t feel that is fair, and it gives too much power to small states.

I am not saying I agree with Maher, but he does raise a valid criticism of our system. Why does representation in this country have to be wildly uneven, when it pertains to the senate?

ummm… the Great Compromise…

The Connecticut Compromise (also known as the Great Compromise of 1787 or Sherman Compromise ) was an agreement that large and small states reached during the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that in part defined the legislative structure and representation that each state would have under the United States Constitution. It retained the bicameral legislature as proposed by Roger Sherman, along with proportional representation of the states in the lower house, but required the upper house to be weighted equally among the states. Each state would have two representatives in the upper house.

Bill Maher tends to say pretty dumb things.

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He wants impeachment, of course he’d say that.

In my opinion, the Senate is pointless. Why do imaginary lines on this continent (states) have representatives in the government?

Don’t get me wrong… I understand WHY the senate came to existence… I just don’t think it works in 2019.

But if I had a choice… I’d focus on getting more house reps. Even that is a bit uneven.


What’s wrong with Pence as President? He’d still be a Republican.

When it comes to passing legislation, the senate is more likely to have less emotional and more deliberative proceedings, helping prevent rash decisions in lawmaking.

Pence would be the best President ever. The United States needs a REAL Conservative as President. Donald is a RINO at best.

Really? Have you seen the Senate lately?

It is unfair…in 2019. But it wasn’t when they were trying to ratify the constitution.

I also understand that things like that can’t always be fair. It was a compromise to get a union. It will also NEVER be changed since you need 100% (I believe) of the states to agree to change that.

Personally I think the system that allows for the smaller population states to have power is overall a good thing as long as there is an environment where compromise can happen and the Senate isn’t ruled over by a power hungry turtle.

But that might be a separate issue.

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You’re right, there’s no safe side of the legislative branch. It’s all highly partisan.

lol…good one

Thanks. I needed that this morning.

California has 70x the population of Wyoming. Since the people elect the senators… why aren’t senators more representative of the people?

Maybe we can clear this up by removing the votes from the people and putting it back to the states?

whenever the constitution or govt stands in the way of what the “anything goes” left wants, they launch on a campaign to question or change it. that simple. because they know better that the founders evidently…

for instance, they worked hard over the past decades ignoring our borders so that democrat voting illegals roll on in.

now that they have amassed their giant voting block in so cal and so tex and elsewhere, they need to get rid of that pesky damn electoral college


What did the founders know about having a state that was 70x larger than another?

no. what the US needs is someone who stands up to the washington establishment for the sake of people.

heh. remember that brief while when the jackass media was in a dudgeon over republicans picking someone so “establishment” (bush, cruz etc…) before trump starting standing out?

oh and hillary wasnt btw. because you know. media is the oracle of truth

or that that that state would be overrun by people from bordering countries

Virginia or Rhode Island?

Because the Senate is designed so the low population States don’t get rolled over.

Built into Liberal Democracy is protections for the minority.

I think that the larger and more valid complaint is how the shrinking minority is clinging to power in the most crass way possible.

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