Bill Maher: Impeach Trump now

Yesterday, Chris Matthews interviewed Bill Maher, whose HBO show returns Friday night. The talk turned to impeachment and Maher said he thinks we should impeach Trump now because, among other things, we don’t know the damage he’ll do to the country in the next two years given his love for Putin. I didn’t agree with that sentiment before (about impeachment now), but Maher makes a solid and logical case. Assuming, of course, the Mueller report turns out like we suspect it might.

Anyway, here’s the interview. Thoughts??

If Trump moves to takes us out of NATO that would be the treasonous requirement necessary for impeachment.

Yeah, I can’t believe the idiot has that in his noggin.

Surely this will stop Donald Trump!

A NATO pullout combined with the Mueller report is all that will be needed. Trump won’t even understand why.

Yeah. We could impeach him and then if the Mueller report doesn’t turn out like you suspect then we could unimpeach him.

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impeach him… the next AG will still clean house…

Both sides getting impatient. Let Mueller finish, we can proceed from there.


He’s your own Erich Honecker

I personally would favor waiting until Mueller finishes his investigation - then make a decision regarding impeachment. If Trump did indeed commit a high crime or misdemeanor, that would be the time to discuss impeachment.

Holy Crap! Bill Maher is still around!?

well well. bill “ugly as hell and partisan hack job” maher

has an anti -trump angry spleen spasm thing to say

time for a new bible.

let’s see… i’m an idiot venter on a cable network that capitalizes on pro-democrat coddle crap who says something - get this - anti trump!

powza imma new jesus. worship me

yes he’s still a thing

there are enough idiots who spring up and clap to his utter stupidness

pay your respects!

he’s ugly. that means stuff among idiot leftists on their lord tv

Perhaps I’m in the minority but I still have a modicum of faith in the system. Until the Mueller report comes out there’s no sense beating the impeachment drum. If the report shows systematic coordination with the Russians during the campaign then oust him immediately. Until then it’s my hope that Congress will keep him in check so that he can’t damage our government.


Americans need to repudiate Trumpism. The legislature has failed to fulfill its duty, doing so now will only embolden the persecution complex of Trumpist snowflakes.

He must be cudgeled at the ballot box. And all those who support him need to know that America speaks with one voice and that voice rebukes the fear, the hate, and the cruelty manifest in support for this man.

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Yeah he’s just slumming away hosting a hugely popular television show that is now in its 19th season.

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I have faith in this country as well, but Trump’s admin. is a train wreck and the longer it goes the more damage it’ll do. Think down the road what might happen by the end of two years. This country can’t wait that long.

I like what he said anout the bar being set. If you dont impeach this guy, who will you? Just how much are you willing to take?

As I hope you will be on impeachment day!