Bill criminalizing ‘stolen valor’ moves one step closer to law

Despite the Federal Statute, stolen valor continues to be a problem. People using falsified records to obtain benefits or employment.

My company verifies all claims of military service, but obviously many companies don’t and may hire somebody based on false records.

I would make it a misdemeanor to falsely claim any military service, rank or awards that were not actually received. I would make it a felony to falsely claim a valor award to include:

The Medal of Honor
Any Service Cross
Silver Star
Any other medal to which the “V” device is affixed, indicating the medal was awarded for valor

Again, the penalties would only apply if the falsification was down for the purpose of obtaining employment or benefits or some other form of fraud.

The Supreme Court has already ruled that merely wearing or claiming these awards without purpose of fraud is protected by the First Amendment.

As it should…I actually feel kinda sorry for those that do that. You gotta figure they have some kind of a serious issue/complex going on.

The fat slobs wearing Seal Tridents or Silver Stars have the real issues going on.

What I usually see is “inflation” of an actual service record, typically unearned Army Commendation Medals and other similar sorts of things. They don’t seem to “get” that we can easily verify everything on their record.

This is stupid emotional garbage.

By all means, make it a crime to profit off of lying about it, but leave the mentally handicapped alone. That’s who you’ll typically see playing dress-up in public. Don’t pick on them for having heroes.


I don’t like it, this law.

Occasionally you’ll hear a civ elaborating about their fantasy military experiences.
Most, especially combat veterans don’t discuss these things anyway and when they do it’s with those that have had similar experiences and they keep things among themselves.
My solution for those who like to talk a big story?

As I said in the OP.

This law ONLY targets those that are making such claims for fraudulent purposes, such as to gain employment, get benefits or bilk money from somebody.

It does not effect the bozos telling made up stories to stoke their own manhood.

Not enough feel-goods in the first one? :person_shrugging:

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Fraud is already illegal.

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Never stopped Fauxcohontas!

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I get the occasional “do you offer discounts for military service” requests. The same type of people who want a builder discount but aren’t builders.