Bill Barr. The world's biggest slow poke

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I honestly don’t care one way or the other.

This investigating the investigators is the new Benghazi. So I don’t really see the point in keeping it alive.

Regardless of what you or I think, he’s only going to do it if it benefits trump, if he does it at all.



Or waiting for the right moment.

You may be right, but that’s bull ■■■■ in my opinion. Waiting for the right moment means
he’s playing politics. Which is not the job of the AG. He needs to get his ass in gear.

The Obama Administration lied to the American people for over three years, why?

And why would you let them get away with it?

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Maybe there’s a few more rats to remove.

Barr seems slow. But progs and anti-trumpers will be whining when the indictments come out. And we want no whine before its time.

I’m also interesting in having him disclose his evidence, but more likely lack there of, immediately versus further down the road. I don’t think he will, but he certainly should.

He’s running out of time. He needs to wrap it up. I can’t believe more info is coming in. He’s probably tapped out at this point.

Barr has become a political animal as he’s converted from a professional man of integrity into a Trump sycophant. He’s playing you, he ain’t slow.

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Did you read my thread at all? He’s not playing me. I totally disagree with him sitting on this. He needs to move. Like right now. Release it, file charges or not file charges. Just get his ass in gear. It’s time to move on.

Agreed. Long past time to declassify the warrant too.

If Biden wins the rats will walk. At this stage, any trials would be held next year and charges would be dismissed by a Biden DOJ. Maybe this is what Barr wants?

when biden wins the rats wont walk. trump and his whole criminal family will get to be up close and personal with a prison cell

Shifty already tried this. Shifty fizzled. On what charge this time?

Second question. If Barr does find substantial evidence of FBI corruption, would a Biden DOJ toss it out based on politics?

I’ve waited for almost four years now and it appears that the fish about to be fried are so big, he must have all T’s crossed and all I’s dotted before he indicts them? The fact that Durham first turned his investigation into a criminal one last October and tells IG Horowitz he disagrees with his conclusion the following December plus added more to the size of his team, suggests…this really is much, much bigger than Watergate. To tell you the truth, I hope it doesn’t all lead back to President Obama. Many among our nation would blindly defend him, even if he’s truly guilty and would divide this nation even further.

At this rate, the rats will walk even if Trump is re-elected. If there was ever a time for Barr and Trump to lock the people they have accused of wrongdoing all these years, it is now.

The problem is that if Biden wins, no fish will be fried. Barr probably had all the info he needed months ago. He took too long. Now if Trump doesn’t win, they all walk…Again.

If he waits any longer, that fish will come out of the kitchen cold and unpalatable, and ready to be thrown in the trash by Biden.

Do you think America has time to wait for justice to be served, after waiting so long already, if Biden wins and charges against democrats are dropped?

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