Bill Barr. The world's biggest slow poke

Honestly, to say Barr is working at a snail’s pace would be very insulting. To snails. He said that the release of his FISA report was imminent. The problem is HE SAID IT LAST YEAR! Does anybody actually believe that he still needs more time to collect evidence? Let’s go Mr. Barr, if you have something, let’s see it. If you don’t let’s see it too. It’s unfair to sit on it. The waiting is getting ridiculous. Anybody disagree?

Barr is just waiting until October when he can release his summary of the report.


Thanks for the info. I have not heard that. Do you have a link?

Mine isn’t a fact with a link. It’s an opinion based on past performance.


Possibly. It would validate my slow poke remark.

My biggest surprise is that there are still Trump supporters who still believe Trump is seriously trying to “drain the swamp”.

I guess there is no overestimating how credulous some people will be.


I would respectfully ask that you get back on topic. This thread has nothing to do with “Trump supporters.” Your reply is flaggable.

Do you have a topic related reply?

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I would caution against using an opinion, even mine, to validate your remarks.

He certainly isn’t following his own timeline which calls into question the “Obamagate” allegations.

I phrased it wrong. I don’t actually need validation. Seven months after he claimed release was imminent and the slow poke is still sitting on it is validation enough for me.

Why do you think he hasn’t released a report?

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It speaks directly to the topic of why Barr is taking so long.

Because he’s not serious, nor is Trump, about draining the swamp…not to mention there’s no there there.

It’s all politically motivated…hence lessright’s “Barr will Likely release HIS SUMMARY of the findings in October” statement.

And one would think most people would know all this by now.


Are you quizzing me? I’m not sure what the point of this question is.

He did say it was imminent seven months ago. I don’t believe for a second that he still has evidence rolling in. These things do take time. If you are a slow poke.

Then we’re done if you can’t answer an on-topic question.

Nice talk…


Perhaps he realizes releasing the FISA information won’t have the desired political effect he and his boss had hoped for.


Wrong. You aske a question about me. The topic is Barr being a slow poke.

And perhaps I already said this exact same thing. :yum:

"Let’s go Mr. Barr, if you have something, let’s see it. If you don’t let’s see it too. It’s unfair to sit on it. The waiting is getting ridiculous."

So he should release it ASAP? Right?

He will only release it if, when and how it will serve his political interests.


I asked a question about what you think. If that’s too personal, like I said…

Nice talk.

That wasn’t my question. I wasn’t asking for predictions or guesses. I was asking what he SHOULD do.

Should he quit fiddle farting around and release it? Like today?