Bill Barr tells Jon Karl that The Big Lie is….a Big Lie

Barr told me that Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell had been urging him to speak out since mid-November. Publicly, McConnell had said nothing to criticize Trump’s allegations, but he told Barr that Trump’s claims were damaging to the country and to the Republican Party. Trump’s refusal to concede was complicating McConnell’s efforts to ensure that the GOP won the two runoff elections in Georgia scheduled for January 5.

It wasn’t a betrayal.

It was the cold slap of reality Trump needed.

Nice to see the Atlantic still mining Trump angst for content.


When there is so much more to be talking about.

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How soon those on the left forget:


“Suggests”. That’s quite a different scale, doncha think? Did she start a Stop the Steal movement, or have her supporters storm the capitol?


Exactly. What a tabloid rag.

Yes inflation and crime to start with, that’s before you get into the chaos at the border. It’s ok the voters will bring the news.

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The Atlantic? Ok if you say so. So Barr will certainly deny it, right?

She had a bigger hand in the FBI.

Her claim was substantiated by the senate intelligence committee in 2020.

Rubio. Cotton. They say Russia interfered in 2016.

I can wait for the audit in Arizona to conclude and listen to what they found after a thorough forensic examination. Enough incidents happened around the country to give credence the election may have been fraudulent but…I can wait to completely make up my mind.

In the mean time…hey Bill…speaking of lies…where’s Durham?

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She started four long years of impeachments and investigations that tore the country apart.

Hillary Clinton had no power to do that.

I know the leftist can never be to blame for anything.


I will gladly blame “leftists” for what they actually do and not made up stuff

Sure she does. Lots of swampies owe her.

How do you know that it is? Because they said so?

I was under the impression that impeachment proceedings must be initiated in the House of Reps and didn’t the Republicans have control of the House of Reps during Trump’s first two years of his presidency?

Nope. She is old news.