Bill Barr Faces Congress - Post Mueller Report

Live Happening Now:

Already bunch of breaking news.

*Mueller declined to review Barr’s summary
*Barr claims that the redacted report will be released - to the public - “within a week”
*When asked if the White House reviewed the report, Barr completely refused to answer.

More to come. Barr’s currently getting grilled on Obamacare.

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To my republican friends … What is the big issue with congress seeing the full report?

Barr’s response on the administration opposing Obamacare was “Do you really think it’s likely we’ll prevail?”

What?! Wow.

All the hashtag winning.

Remember when Republicans wanted an unredacted FISA application? Remember when you were all concerned with “sources and methods”. Plus, as was put in a thread by itself, grand jury information cannot be released.
Remember when you were all concerned about releasing information related to ongoing cases? Not all cases related to these investigations have been resolved.
Now why not to some select committee? Remember the term “officials and former officials familiar with the investigation who are not authorized…” showing up every couple of week in the Washington Post? Washington leaks like a sieve.
I don’t know how these redactions will be resolved but lets not pretend this is some new thing that Barr came up with.


And yet Republicans WERE allowed to see the full, unredacted FISA applications. Imagine that.


House appropriations in a budget review. Good kabuki.

Yep. Its good to be President and be able to order things like that.

Whether that should happen here should possibly involve what the purpose of the redaction is, the legality of releasing it etc. As I recall the law against releasing grand jury documents can’t be overridden by even the President.
Its funny to watch you guys be all hot about these redactions when we don’t even know their extent or the basis for any of them at this time.
Conspiracy theorists never rest.

What conspiracy theory am I peddling here exactly Doug? What are you accusing me of?


wow this thread kind of died. Barr not spilling his guts like the Dem’s wanted? Or not being elusive in his responses?

You don’t seem upset that the AG basically told America that their attempt to outlaw Obamacare was a complete farce.

He did let us know that it’s the courts job to look at the ramifications of an unconstitutional ACA and deal with them. Sounds like he’s not just defending judicial activism but depending on it.

Ooooh so the ONLY thing he’s testifying about is the ACA. Not a single word on the Mueller Report?

Strange. Since that’s what the title says he is there for.

I don’t think the FISA issue is as over as collusion is.

“I’ve said all I am going to say about the report”. That’s elusive right there. Maybe you didn’t hear him say that.

Nothing before that?

I don’t see anything in the thread about what he may have said before that.

No, it wasn’t the only thing (and saying that seems at best a lame deflection). You asked about Barr spilling his guts and being elusive. I gave you an example of something he did say. No thoughts on that?

You mean about letting the courts look at the unconstitutionality of ACA? That’s the courts job isn’t it?

You didn’t listen to the hearing obviously and I’m not going to recount here for you.

I thought that’s what this thread was for. You know, those of us who were unable to be near a TV during the hearing.

I watched the hearing. I told you what I heard. I can’t link to a hearing I watched this morning live.