Bikers vs Cops - the Eternal Rivalry

I love videos like these. There’s hardly ever any good guys when one side is being an ass and the other is trying to kill everyone with their vehicle. Dunno about you people, but I always root for the guys on the bikes. lol

Standard YouTube warnings. I saw a couple of birds flipped, but couldn’t hear what everyone was saying.

Obviously you’ve never seen teh manouver the officer is doing. Lights on side to side on all lanes is called a “slow down”. Typically it’s done when there is somethign up ahead. that they need to stall traffic on. The bikers are the one’s being asses and not letting a police car with over head lights activated go through traffic, then harrassing the officer on a slowdown. Then all the bikes head WRONG way down a freeway ramp.

Yep, all it took was one vehicle to screw up traffic for everyone. Glad the idiot decided to give it up. :rofl:

So if the officer was trying to do a legit legal slowdown, the officer was wrong?

The officer endangered everyone on the road by trying to be the super trooper that pulled over 50 bikers all at once. Dude’s as big a joke as the way he gave up. lol

This is what I mean by a slow down.

This is one performed by the Utah Highway Patrol.

It looked like the officer was trying to get through the bikes, then started a slowdown buy they kept going around him.

If that’s what was going on, the bikers are extreame ■■■■■■■■.

And just for fun a California Highway Patrol trooper doing a slow down

I’m glad all the bikers got away. lol

So you think if the cop was trying to do a slowdown they should have kept passing him? Maybe putting someone further down the road in danger?

Simple yes or no question there six.

They should have all done exactly as they did, which was perfect. :slight_smile:

Really? Keep going past him while going shoulder to shoulder to slow traffic?

Your really saying the bikers did exactly what they should have done?

Damn near every one of your replies are in the form of a nagging question. Am I being detained? :rofl:

Hmph. I didn’t see any bikers at all, not a one.


Those are the kind of douche canoes that give “bikers” the reputation they have. Wouldn’t shed a tear if some of them ended up as nothing more than ■■■■ on a highway. I’ve often entertained the notion of buying a bike but I am not interested in being associated with ■■■■■■■■■ like them.

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Those bikers deserve to become road pizza.

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