Big Ten football back on - games starting Oct 23rd - will this impact battleground states any?

Seems like this change of heart with college football returning this autumn might impact voting in at least several key swing states.

I for one believe it will have a nice lift for Trump as he has been pushing for it all along.

What say you?

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It takes away something for Trump and his cronies to cry about. Other than that, negligible.


Don’t tell me queen whitmer actually listened to Trump?

Why do you and Trump think any Governor is involved in this. I’ve been watching the Athletic Departments and school administrations working this out. It’s been a fairly open process. It didn’t happen just out of the blue.

So weird.

I agree lucyLou-this is a good thing for all these states. Kudos to Trump and the governors in NJ-PA-MI-OH-IA-IN-WI-IL-MN-MD-NE-clearly a bi-partisan crowd for making college football in their respective states happen.

Do you believe this gives Trump a lift or not?

No why would it?

We are in this TrumpVirus mess because Fiddling February.

I can’t think of a single reason why it would give Trump a lift? Why would it affect Trump at all? He had nothing to do with it.

Is the NFL playing football also gonna give trump a boost?

I can see a voter going into the booth.

I was going to vote biden. But now that I can watch college football again I will switch to trump.

That’s ridiculous.


Big 10 saw the other conferences and said “Yikes- the money!”

Hope these teams don’t end up like LSU, where there’s a whole bunch of players on the way to lifelong heart problems.

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April 3rd. You really don’t even pretend to care about the truth, do you?

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Adam, one positive reason Trump has pushed for college football is he probably feels many people need games on tv to somewhat uplift their spirits.

So long as it’s safe enough why not try it?

And although we are still fairly far from returning to a more complete normal, this seems at least to me like a step in the right direction.

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I live in the heart if Big Ten country. I don’t see any sort of impact on the election. Anger (if people have it) has been directed towards the university presidents. As much as Trump would have like his phone call to the Big Ten commissioner to have been a big deal, it wasn’t. I’m sure that won’t stop him from saying he single handedly brought back football. Those already voting for him will eat it up. The undecided and those not voting for him anyway will shrug their shoulders and move on.

Handling a plague competently doesn’t lift spirits?

Sounds like SottoVoce you are anti-Trump. Lol.

Regardless of any of our political preferences:

1- Apparently there were more than a few student athletes throughout America who spoke out in favor of playing this autumn (not just the more elite players either).

2- I imagine Trump with especially his supporters will get an A here for being persistent here.

3- For the POTUS to speak out on behalf of Clemson’s star quarterback Trevor Lawrence early on might not be as American as apple pie; but it was a pretty nice gesture nonetheless.

4- And who knows, Trump might indeed still get a few more gold stars here on his next report card come Nov 3rd with at least some undecided voters for not punting on an autumn college football season ???

I am not a fan of Trump, but I still think this can be looked at objectively.

First, there is already a big overlap with many of the die-hard college football fans and Trump supporters. These people would have voted for him regardless. Second, I don’t see a huge population of undecided voters who will choose college football as the issue that tipped them over to Trump. Third, the people who have already decided to vote Biden are unlikely to change candidates because of college football. Fourth, the overwhelming majority of people living in Big Ten country, even alumni, either simply don’t care about football or see it as occasional entertainment. Not something that will sway a vote.

If there is some undecided voter out there who has been waiting for college football to vote one way or the other, more power to them. The idea that there are enough of those people out there to make a difference is a huge leap.

There’s nothing wrong with being anti-Trump. TDS is problematic.

SottoVoce is one of the best posters on this forum. He doesn’t have TDS.

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Understood, No dig was intended here now or ever. I always welcome the back and forth.

Upon quick reflection of your post, I tend to agree with you; in that not many undecideds as you just described likely will be swayed one way or another because of Trump’s involvement here with college football.

That being said, I still think Trump might make some in-roads with maybe some of these young adults that are newly college bound or recently graduated. Having my own child being a Division I student athlete about a decade ago maybe somewhat jades my neutrality. However, just maybe DJT has opened the eyes of a least a few here.

After all, why would these very student athletes and their families look at Trump in anything but a positive light?

Lastly, it is not lost on Trump what a diverse group of families were raised here that also happen to be based often in Democratic- run localities.

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…ask the barbers in Michigan and they’ll explain it.