Big Tech and the Midterms

I have seen that coming and intended to open a thread already weeks ago. Under the pretext of discussing how to secure the platform ahead of midterms, Facebook organized a meeting in order to discuss their stategy reagrding the Midterms. It is well-known that these crowds are extremely left (“progressive”). They silenced already last few months conservative voices on their platforms, the best knwon case being Diamond&Silk.
Instead of panicking about Russia, you should much rather ask yourself how to stop that socialists to meddle in the Midterms in favour of Democratic candidates. According to a guest on Tucker Carlson, they can influence about 12 million votes.
In my opinion Facebook, twitter etc should be shut down one month before the elections, letting them free after that.

Why aren’t any young clever creative forward thinking conservatives building better more successful social media platforms?


So, for you its OK if Facebook, twitter, youtube and google will try to influence the elections in favour of DNC, because Conservatives dont have similar (popular) platforms, in order to do the same? :roll_eyes:

Are conservatives proposing REGULATION of this market?

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Why is Russia afraid of this?

You should be afraid of it, not Russia
But for you hypocrite socialists its OK to manipulate elections and blame on someone else…

If a Republican controlled government shut down Facebook or any other media platform for a month before the midterms, it would guarantee a Democratic landslide.

Oh, and government can’t arbitrarily shut down businesses like that here in the US.

If they mnaipulate elections, and its obviously they will try to do it , its a question of national security.
The most outrageous is that you liberals dont care about that. For you its OK to manipulate elections in favour of the DNC.
Banana republic due to liberals… :roll_eyes:

I don’t think you understand our laws.

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I dont think you respect your laws.
You just misinterpret them however you want in order to get an advanteg…
Supporting illegal immigration and sanctuary cities and babbling anything about understanding the laws… :laughing:

Straw man. You have no idea what I support. Just silly talking points and inflammatory rhetoric.

^ thats inflamatory rethoric and trolling… :roll_eyes:


so funny how leftists try to deflect and cover up (defending it) that social media platforms will try very probably to meddle in the midterms in favour of the DNC…:roll_eyes:

Will this cut into your rubles?

Go cure your McCarthy-syndrome, you liberal troll !

Enjoy your theme song

Social media platforms are working to prevent hateful racist rhetoric and completely fake viral hoaxes and conspiracy nonsense from circulating. If that somehow damages your party then maybe you’re at the wrong ■■■■■■■ party.

Besides, can you picture Trump trying to go a month without tweeting?

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Diamond & Silk and other “conservative” voices have not been silenced on social media.