Big Brother is alive and well?

My wife and I were watching TV over the weekend and one of Mike Lindels My Pillow commercials came on. My wife started talking about getting new pillows and sheets for our bed. It wasn’t a very long discussion, since such decisions are hers anyway, maybe two minutes. She picked up her I phone to start looking online for bedding, and before she even began to type, she got an online AD about sheets and pillows.

This is not the first time this has happened, and it’s happened to me too. I’ve had things pop up on my android that I was just TALKING about.

Anybody else have this happen?

Yes we all have and is something we all agreed to when we clicked the box at the end of service contract.

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That someone can listen to my conversations?

Yes. There might be an option within your operating system to turn that off. You should check your phones options.

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Nobody is listening to your conversation, an AI is listening for keywords. And yes we agreed to it in the contract that nobody reads

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Thanks, I hadn’t known about that one

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How does it listen for keywords without listening to your conversation?

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It’s not.

Sounds a lot like the thought police. I wouldn’t think we’d have to CHOOSE not to have our phones listening for anything. What key words could be in a brief discussion on bedding?

It has nothing to do with thought police and everything to do with advertising revenue and capitalism.

How, or more importantly WHY is my phone allowed to listen to begin with?? If my phone is listening, who is paying attention to what my phone is listening to? And WHAT THE HELL ELSE IS IT LISTENING TO?

It sounds like Apple and Google want to make more advertising money.

They also track your location. I drove into a kayak rental parking lot once and got kayak ads for the next two weeks.

No. That part was not agreed upon. The dems control big tech, The news media, academia, entertainment, etc. We do not live in a static environment. Tis will either get better or worse. Which will it be?

Sheets, pillows, blankets, etc…

There are many how-to guides regarding privacy on your phone. Windows OS has a lot of this crap too, which there are also guides for.


Nah, just overzealous marketing

And I wonder what type of information is being collected on people that have an Alexa?

Too much information, just like computer devices with Windows/Cortana.

You can’t just disable MS Edge or Cortana. You have to break them.

And if your government decided to “market” information on malcontents?

Sounds like you have a problem with Capitalism. Its not the government that’s doing it.