Big Brother hell no, Dad!

Big brother is a term often used to describe an overbearing and intrusive government.

But what about Dad?

If you live in my house you are going to follow my rules. Dad says this. not big brother.

Dad’s get away with this because they provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care. Nobody expects a 5 year old to get a job. Since the 5 year old cannot support himself he must follow rules, at home, at school, and later at work. He is in no way free.

this begs the question. if you are dependent on some entity for food, shelter, clothing and medicine are you free?

in other words if you take from someone or others you pay in freedom.

now, do social programs help the poor or enslave the poor?

No. You would be dead.

actually, we all start out that way. and most of us are alive.

Can people using social welfare get off if they want to, by getting a higher paying job for instance?

kids can get a job and leave the home, but while they live at home they are not free

Most recipients of “welfare” either have jobs or are retired

So how does that get catagorized?

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Help the poor.

are you calling social security welfare?


Define what you mean by welfare.

What is YOUR definition?

What counts as welfare to you?

that is the definition. the feds say so.

That is not a federal website.

Please please please. Just define what you mean… and I mean you… mean by “welfare” so there is a common ground on which to discuss.

cash assistance, food stamps, housing assistance, childcare assistance, healthcare assistance, cell phones, bus passes and any other needs based program.

Let’s take the largest of what you listed… which is Medicaid

Who are the primary recipients of Medicaid?

children of single mothers

So… people who cannot fend for themselves?

Big Brother is the sibling charged, traditionally, by parents to look after the younger siblings, while patents tended to business. They kept the siblings in line and let the parents know when the youngers acted up. The Government in Orwell’s 1984 was the parent. Big Brother was the over watcher. The Party was the true authority…the power…the government. Big Brother was a made up symbol of authority…like a big brothers made up authority. The people feared big brother…which was not a real threat. The treat of course was the Party. Government.

Just my take and remembering high school literature.

actually I just checked and the answer is elderly and yes it is means tested, elderly and disabled can get both medicare and Medicaid.

hence the title