Big Bad Wolf are Democrats crying

Optics - One of the Dem’s story lines tried pushing was POTUS being a big bad wolf.

Voters did not get fooled by this rather lame portrayal.

Exactly who is really dressing in the get up of grandma’s clothes is no mystery either.

The idiom “cry wolf” means to raise a false alarm, to ask for assistance when you don’t need it, and by extension, to exaggerate or lie. The phrase comes from the Aesop fable, “They Boy Who Cried Wolf,” in which a young shepherd found it amusing to make villagers think a wolf is attacking his flock."

The “Show Trial” test marketing this in Washington DC bombed miserably.

Numbers don’t lie:
Washington Times op-ed writer Tiana Lowe calling the impeachment hearings a “ratings dud,” noting that it was pulling in an average of a million fewer viewers than watch the popular American quiz show “Jeopardy” on a nightly basis.

As Hannity reminds us daily, countdown to election is underway.

Anyone else got something constructive to cry out?

About 55percent of the electorate participated in the general elections anually so this isn’t a surprise

But Something happens at night. Something about people you know being home as compared to when they are not during the day. I wonder if that was taken into consideration by a random oped in a random newspaper

The countdown I’m waiting for is Durham’s report…that should…expose all the illicit behavior at the top levels of intelligence agencies, the DoJ and the State Department…all the way to the WH in an attempted coup or as Strozk put it…the “insurance policy”.

Yes that’s right Symra, that Durham report should be riveting.

Can hardly wait. Then some of the real Big Bad Wolves will be exposed…

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I agree, even grew up in a house where the Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy were always on M-F from 7PM to 8PM.

Imagine late night shows starting at 11:30PM also have devoted followers daily too.