#BidensHealth 👴🏼 - Declining Biden forgets what state he is in at campaign rally

I’m going to have to defend Gropin’ Joe on this one. There’s no difference between the two.

Look at all the Whataboutism in this thread.
4th post in.

Are you better or not?

I gave two possible explanations in my post. Trolling was one of them.

Biden man bad.

Get him back to the home before sundown and it will decrease his number of gaffes by at least 23%.

Looks like he is 20 years older.

Sadly that is what counts and what we see.


This play was already done to Clinton in 2016… need to get some new moves guys.

Yeah it all sort of blends in that region.

Where were you when you wrote this gaffe-full post?

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The cellular regeneration and entertainment chamber.

Trump + Biden = 2 Grumpy and possibly senile old men

This is hilarious. The poster didn’t even realize that the video was in a loop.
And that there was no apology only a statement that Melania wanted to be there and that, of course, is why she was there.
Total errors by someone calling someone else error prone.

I’m waiting for the debate. This will be good.

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So unfair. I’ve never seen Trump’s awkward moments posted more than once in this forum.

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Wow BDS syndrom is getting out of hand

From buying Greenland to nuking hurricanes, fat donald ain’t got nothing on Biden.

…but we all know you are better.

White people all look alike.

Just one.

Where’s England?
-fat donald