#BidensHealth 👴🏼 - Declining Biden forgets what state he is in at campaign rally

The very elderly and potentially senile Joe Biden has made another huge gaffe, raising more concerns about the state of his mental capacity.

Biden, at a campaign event in New Hampshire, mistakenly believed he was in Vermont. As Biden’s forgetfulness mounts, so will the questions. Is Biden being transparent about the state of his health? America needs answers.

Where is his family? Why don’t they care? This is so sad. They are driving this man into a premature death. Libs simply don’t care. He needs to be cared for, not exploited for political gain.


Fake news.

Biden man bad.

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Remember when Trump repeatably apologized for Melania not being able to make it while she was standing at his side?


Repeatably, no, that’s the same quote being reprated in your video.

“Melania really wanted to be with us” does not infer that Melina couldn’t make it, merely that she wanted to be there - and she was there!


We can’t have a senile man running for President when we already have one in the Oval Office.

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Remember when Trump forgot naming John Cornyn less than 30 secs earlier


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That wasn’t his fault, she was whisked in quickly by the infantroopens. He didn’t have time to notice.


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If I were Trump and flanked by treasonous Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsome in the treasonous state of California, I might troll them by doing something like that too.

Paradise is a holy place where God is sought first and worsipped. Does California have any such town? California seeks pleasure first and worships pleasure. Maybe the Holy Spirit took over POTUS’ tongue to give a spiritual diagnosis to the state.

I’ll never forget where I was when I found out about the attacks on 7/11.

I bet Paul also asserts that Obama truly thought there were 57 states. :grinning:

Nothing says sympathetic to a fire-ravaged town more than using a press conference to troll Dems by purposely changing the name of said town.

So empathetic! So Trump! So Paul!

Biden… bad.

Trump… good!

Biden’s less than 4 years older than trump. Very elderly is incorrect.


Trump’s illness has professed much further - he’s at the babbling idiot stage.

Sometimes empathetic prophetic truth hurts the feelings of the guilty.

But you know that a thread will be started every time Biden gaffes.

Same deal when Hillary ran in 2016.

How much are you betting?

And nothing says empathy more than trolling those effected by tragedy.

If you think that is a better interpretation than Trump just got the name of the town wrong then I think that says something about you.

It isn’t a big deal for a busy politician to forget names like this. Better that than to think he used the opportunity to troll those effected by tragedy.