Biden's VP pick is highly fluid

Here’s a long article on Biden’s upcoming VP pick.
In short, it says it’s between Harris, Susan Rice, and Karen Bass. Gretchen Whitmer (Mich. Gov) and Warren are longshots.

Harris was the favorite until Biden delayed his announcement. That is believed to indicate a lot of in-house resistance to Harris in Biden’s camp due to Harris’ scathing attack on Biden during the debates.
Harris has been spending time on the phone self promoting.

The whole exercise indicates how paralyzed Biden would be in a crisis. He would be holding focus groups to figure out what to do every step of the way.

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It might be a highly fluid pick but I don’t see one gender fluid candidate in that article. To represent the party as it stands today where is the transgender VP option? I don’t see any transabled or gender fluid candidates either. Not much love for the Latino community in these picks and Warrens .00005% Native American blood hardily represents native Americans.

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Biden will take care of the trans angle by wearing an apron and a sun bonnett.

Or Biden may be forced to bow out and name his replacement. Harris is likely choice in that case.

Biden doesn’t have the authority to name his replacement. If he bows out before the convention, the convention will nominate someone. If he bows out after the convention the DNC will name Biden’s replacement.

Theoretically yes, but most of the delegates are pledged to Biden for the first ballot.

The last thing Democrats want is a knock-down drag out fight at the convention. Worst of all Sanders could get the nomination.

The same forces that forced out the other non-Sanders candidates to give Biden the nomination could force him out and force him to support another candidate.

I don’t see those who identify as furries either.

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Biden doesn’t have enough delegates to give away to nominate someone. Many of the state primaries were not held. He will get the superdelegates if he is still there at convention time. He won’t be able to award them to anyone else if he’s not there.

He may have a hard time coming to a final choice:

(Caution: Satire may trigger a snowflake response in some individuals.)

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What would be the reaction if Biden announced the name of an older white male and stated “This time, I decided to go with the most capable, experienced person I could find, without regard to gender or race”. What would be the reaction of Democrats? Independents?

As a 78 year old white male, Biden is walking on thin ice with the loons that dominate his party. He’s going to give them a Black woman. He’s afraid not to.

Biden has already promised a woman as his VP choice, so I doubt he would back out of that pledge.

As Maureen Dowd said, it will be the first time in 36 years for a male-female ticket: