Biden's Stimulus Package

Nope. Not since back then at least lol.

I do however remember complaining about them, saying garbage in garbage out because they weren’t using all the necessary data. I remember it because I ended up having an argument about it with a close friend.

2014 1.3M

I don’t know if I really agree with giving Americans an additional $1400. The National debt is now at $27.8 trillion.

@WCD9973 Chris would be a good one.

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If anyone is still reading this thread but wants a more policy based debate about this bill (Which is bound to be Bidens 1st big legislative push) , Sneaky and i are having a actual discussion and debate about it over in this thread.

Would love more voices and opinions. No Trolling allowed. Serious debate discussion about the bill itself and what it will look like once it goes into congress.
@Chris @Auto129 you both seem to want to discuss the details…
anyone else?

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Yes, but why is that? By what authority does the government have to tell private individuals what they must pay an employee? Seriously … by what authority other than that they simply unilaterally assumed that power?

You have feelings? :blush:

But he is associated with many who are.

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Fair Labor Standards Act - 1938. But back then the country was deep in depression and low pay was widespread. Today, not so much. Minimum wage jobs are the exception. What is interesting is that if the minimum wage is raised to $15/hr, there will be millions more people earning minimum wage because the people currently making that wage won’t necessarily get a commensurate raise.

Neither 600 or 1400 is 2000. …Obviously.

And why not 10,000$. If Trump only wanted 2000$, then isn’t 10,000 Better? Orange man bad right?


It isn’t necessarily begrudging the person. It’s begrudging the idea of it.

If I worked for a company for years, or had an elevated position due to experience, and suddenly the guy sweeping the floor makes the same as I did you better believe that the company is going to have to increase my wages as well.

And with a change this drastic you can bet it will impact a lot of positions. Based on my current profession, you’ll have the high school kid doing oil changes getting paid close to the same as certified mechanics. That’s not going to fly for long.

Shop labor rates will necessarily go up to cover the increase in labor expenses and pretty soon shop rates will be $150 or more per hour. They are already over $100.

Not even close.

A high school friend of mine moved to the Seattle area after high school. He brings in almost 30% more than I do every year, yet our lifestyles are almost identical. I pay far less than he does for housing, insurance on various things, and a much lower overall tax rate.

He met a nice girl though, so that was worth it.

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You should check out the thread in soapbox

That’s not what he said. Biden promised 2000. We all heard his bribe.

I am all for looking for a different means to cover their expenses, they could have to do like the rest of us and be in the private sector, and deal with the ups and downs of life like the rest of us schmucks but I know that is going to go nowhere. It just goes to show at a time when people were at their lowest many citizens who were already down on their luck or fired during covid also got clobbered in property taxes.

Many will have handed over a lot of the stimulus money they received over to property taxes, and it’s not like the property tax increases will go down if the pandemic does go away. I don’t think we have seen the end of the covid debacle yet. At least 100,000 small businesses folded up during the pandemic and that’s not counting the big companies that went under, imagine if they had the power to increase property taxes whenever they wanted, they probably would have survived but at the cost of others.

In a few months the banks are going to come knocking for all of those on mortgage or rent forbearance programs that will be due, that’s going to be ugly.

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the depression ended… just so you know

So people down on their luck don’t need food, clothing and shelter anymore? Kewl!!

they can get a job.