Biden's poll numbers have skyrocketed since his announcement

Wow. It looks like it’s Biden vs. everybody else.

M. Consult has Biden with 36% of the vote. Sanders was the closest with 22%, a 14 point difference.

CNN has Biden at 39%. Sanders was the follow-up with 15%.

Quinnipiac has Biden at 38%. The next highest was Warren with 12%. Sanders was at 11%. Buttigieg hit 10%.

Harris poll has Biden with 44% of the vote. Sanders is the closest with only 14%.

This somehow doesn’t shock me. He was the VP. VP almost always gets the nomination, if they choose to run for President. On top of that, the polls show that Biden beats Trump in every head-to-head general election poll. I think that’s the driver. The Dems want to beat Trump and figure Biden gives them the best chance.

Seems to me democrat party are kicking socialist to the curb again.

They need to run as third party if they’re ever going to get any respect.

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If it takes Biden to take Bernie out once and for all, I am good with that.


Here here.

And yet we are told here every day that dems are a bunch of socialists that want us to be just like Venezuela.

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Bernie sucks.

I actually voted for Bernie, but won’t be doing the same thing in 2020.


bernie voters getting screwed (again) by an empty suit.

Too funny!

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Trump supporters in panic mode early. Too funny!

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He’s so old, I should have said empty zoot suit.

He’s 4 years older than Trump and a year younger than Bernie. Health wise he looks better than both.

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Hair plugs, veneers and cosmetic surgery.

Plus, dude seems to be sundowning whenever he opens his piehole.

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NONE of the numbers on ANYBODY mean anything at all right now. Why are they even talking about this crap so far ahead.

Lol. Shall we share some pearls from Trump? It’s 24/7 with Trump. At least we’d know what time of day to ignore Biden.

Believe it or not, the lib media is trying to cancel about a dozen or more candidates, right now, by jumping on the biden bandwagon.

Vs. the orange, fake-tan, horrendous comb-over and no doubt Viagra President…

Ah you just want that so it splits the vote because you know trump will have a hard time against Biden.

Why should the socialist support someone they don’t support…someone that they don’t have shared values with?

A party that had ■■■■ on em last election.

Donald is so high energy, Viagra takes HIM to perform. :us:

One would think that anyone could beat a New York City crook. But that’s not the case. The Republican party is just too tied in to corruption.

Uh huhm… you all set with this divide attempt?

I can turn this around why would an actual conservative support trump? They should go support a real conservative