Biden's LIAR Ad's

Biden is running ads here in Ohio saying so many lies it’s hard to keep up. He lies when the truth sounds better!

I’m sure it will work though, many leftward voters never watch news, if they do it’s the biased news that either leaves out facts they don’t like & doesn’t report at all, or it’s so deceitful it’s shameful but they no longer know how to blush.

They LOVE lies.

1,2,3…Que up the “Link?” responses!

The irony is thick…


I mean do ya have one? Not all of us live in Ohio.

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There cannot be people who think Trump doesn’t lie, right? I just assume they accept it and move on.


LOL! They better hope Trump doesn’t lose Ohio, because if he does that means he also most likely lost PA, WI, and MI!

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Yup! Only made it to 2…

Here is one from an article about Biden ads in Ohio.


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That’s on you, dude.

As I drive a lot, in my business, don’t know the polling here, but I see like 10 to 1 Trump signs in yards & bumper stickers…Don’t know if it means much…

You are talking about lies in an ad, yet you don’t offer the ad. Hard to have a conversation.

APA Definition of Confirmation Bias


Yup! Keep em’ coming!

OR…I saw what I said…just sayin’ :wink:

I’ll give you one, there’s MANY:

I really don’t think Trump will lose Ohio, but I also don’t think yard signs matters. All of Trump supporters do support Trump. A good number of Biden voters won’t be actual supporters of Biden but just anti-Trump voters. I don’t see those people putting up yard signs though I could be wrong.

So I guess Trump tells the truth and put out honest ads

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In an ad in VA, Trump claimed to have created 18 million new jobs in 4 months.

Now, I suspect that these jobs are actually filled vacancies of old jobs due to COVID, but only Biden lies.

Mmmmmmmmk… I have no way to argue with you on that but, it does seem there’s little enthusiasm for Biden.

Way more honest than Biden ever was in his whole life.