Biden wins another endorsement

Neo-Nazi leader, Richard Spencer, officially announced his support for Joe Biden:

A Biden campaign spokesperson, Andrew Bates, rejected the endorsement with a tweet, but I have seen no such denouncement from Biden himself:

Biden has been using the fine-people hoax to falsely accuse Trump of supporting neo-Nazis. So far we only have heard from his staff, not Biden himself, about Spencer’s endorsement. Based on Democrats’ own logic, any delay in Biden personally rejecting the neo-Nazi is evidence of tacit acceptance of the endorsement and support of neo-Nazis.

Is Biden really a neo-Nazi supporter since he has not personally renounced the endorsement?

Or does the endorsement simply show the fallacy of Biden’s pushing guilt by association no matter how tenuous and thoroughly renounced?


Trump sure doesn’t seem to be racist enough for the likes of him.

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Not too obvious why he did this now is it…:roll_eyes:

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I read the article and was going to post some of his reasoning but then I thought “ am I really going to quote Richard Spencer’s comments on the Hannity forums?”

No. Not today.


To my knowledge Biden and Harris have never denounced the endorsement of Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who was named “anti-Semite” of the year by

By Biden’s own logic that should mean Biden is an anti-Semite. Is that a reasonable conclusion?


Why does he personally have to renounce the guy? Why isn’t the campaign disavowing him enough?

Remember when Richard Spencer got punched and no one had a problem with it?


Those were good times.

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Spencer will deliver MT for Biden !

Trump personally denounced the neo-Nazis repeatedly, yet Biden is still falsely claiming Trump supports them.

Clearly a campaign worker sending a tweet is totally inadequate by Biden’s own standards.

Spencer can’t say anything that would affect my vote one way or the other. Forget him.

I always admire people who do the running flying punch because it’s super easy to break your hand but if you pull it off it is dramatic.

The Ben Echmeyer Technique.

Nope. No matter how many times you try to push it we already went thru this.
Trump called white supremacists and new Nazi sympathizers who attended a Nazi rally “very fine people” when asked.

Bidens team rejected this asap and no one, including Biden, has said them, or their supporters are fine people.

No matter how much you try to tell is the thing that walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck is a chicken, we know it’s a duck.


For some of us, anyhow.

OP’s last thread about nazi’s, or maybe the one before the last one, or the other one, anyway, one of OP’s other nazi threads concluded for me with a poster telling me that Trump should and would pardon James Alex Fields.

So :popcorn:


Wait what?

Don’t underestimate Biden’s R-factor. He’s pro.


Well, I guess you aren’t going to vote for Biden then.
And when do you think Trump will disavow QAnon? Mark Meadows was on Fox News yesterday and was given the chance and he wouldn’t do it. Funny that.

I’m sure Biden rejected the endorsement.

Meanwhile, our local libs are positively orgasmic in this thread.