Biden wants to return America to it's traditional values, which the party he's running for claims have been steeped in racism and need to be radically transformed

Is Joe Biden also Botox-ing his cerebral cortex? He wants to return America to the traditional values which the party he is standing for insists have never been just and from which Americans need to radically repent.

To be fair, most of his competitors for the Democrat presidential nomination suffer from the same cognitive dissonance.


So Biden wants to make America great again. His party doesn’t want that.

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America fell to the globalist a long time ago.

Almost. Hillary had the last nails but was denied access to the presidential hammer. Phew. Trump is determinedly rowing the coffin away from the waterfall while extracting nails as best he can.

how is he doing that has America left the UN, WTO, ILO, and the other two dozen intergovernmental organization its part of?

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I’d rather catch measles than see Trump re-elected.

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He’s rejecting those organisations pretensions to legislate america’s internal policy. He withdrew from the global warming Paris Accord, NAFTA, and the agreement Obama signed to have all guns and ammo in the US registered.

NAFTA still exists.
Obama never signed an agreement to have all guns and ammo in the US registered.

No seriously what’s the issue here? Biden wants to go back to when we didnt act like ■■■■■■■■■ …scary…

We’ll Paul, I guess you found your candidate then. What are you complaining about?

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I’ll take a ham sandwich being President over Donald Trump.

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It’s not a difficult concept. When we elect someone who a lot of Americans think is a ■■■■■■ canoe it only makes sense for a competitor to want to bring America back to when the president was more respected.

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Democrats want to kill precious babies, redistribute wealth, release millions of disease ridden invaders to come freely across our borders, and supported slavery. Which values are you trying to restore, Gropey Joe?

Hillary and Hussein Obama are evil, btw.

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With fancy foreign mustard on it, no doubt.

When was that?

You are right. Kerry signed it on Obama’s behalf.

“The agreement, signed in 2015 by then-Secretary of State John Kerry on behalf of the Obama administration, was deeply controversial, as a bipartisan coalition of 57 senators opposed the treaty.”

Trump Scraps UN Arms Treaty Opposed by Second Amendment Backers

You know…he wants to make America great again. Wow…where have “we” heard this? :sunglasses:

Back when you could sniff a woman without all this fuss.

I’m with him —>

Only, if the Dems really believe the picture of US history they paint publicly, It should be “Make America Grate Again.”

A vote for Gropin’ Joe is a vote for a pat on the backside.