Biden-Trump Campaign Funds

So as crazy as it sounds, we’re actually close to the election. Big aspect of it is funds the campaigns have. This from today:

So long story short, Biden’s campaign has raised more funds the past two months. Not sure that’s going to change anytime soon. But a bigger issue is the cash on hand. That was a big issue. Trump now has $53 million more in cash on hand than Biden. Which is way way way down. So any kind of expected war chest for the future isn’t there. As of now. This is actually an important aspect. It fits with money raised for congressional and senate races. So, any thoughts on this? I just don’t see a sudden surge in Trump fundraising but I see room for Biden growth. But again, Trump as the incumbent should have a gigantic cash on hand lead and it isn’t there. How odd.

Secret trump voters are sending Biden money to trick you!


We’re less than ten Scaramuccis away from the election. That’s pretty close.


Cant wait. I am just a no good sadist I suppose. But i want more of these pictures and when November comes, they will be as plentiful as condoms and needles on the streets of San Francisco.

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I know it’s hard to focus at times, but any thoughts on fundraising for the campaigns? The importance of money in the final months and the evaporation of Trump’s advantage?

Dejavu 2016

So no you don’t have anything to add. Thanks!


I hope we get to see the expressions on the faces of Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, Pachai, Bezos, Dorsey et Alia calculating just how many millions they wasted on Joe.

I want pics of the sad faces of Rachael Maddow and Don “smell my fingers” Lemon.

I know some astrologers that say Rachael will have a bad day on Election day 2020.

I haven’t thought about it, but you bring up a point. If the “secret trump supporters” are real, I would think the fundraising would show it.

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Any thoughts about the fundraising?

So “dejavu 2016” doesn’t ring a bell for you?


Well let’s all sit here and watch Trump’s numbers tank because he is doing nothing about the virus and watch his supporters continue to post how he is going to win in a landslide. This is getting to be really fun.


I really really really thought Trump would get re-elected. A part of me still does.

But it’s getting less and less likely each day.

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If speaking the truth and standing up for freedom, life and justice don’t get Trump God’s approval over the globalist-Sino-democrats, the US is truly screwed. I think Trump is on God’s side in this present conflict, and God will make sure he comes out on top.

That appears to be horrible reporting.

Trump now has over a billion dollars, that was the end of June numbers.

I’ll have no problem surviving another 4 years of Trump, but I’ll admit to wanting to see him lose in part just to see the faces of the people who worship him. I guess that’s just the way it is now. 70 percent of the country, roughly 35% of both the left and the right exists just to try and hurt each other and take absolute joy in doing it.

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How much money is Trump spending on advertising in states like Texas and Georgia now?

What is making you change your mind?

Your terrible post shows money raised since January 2017.