Biden to Shifty: Thanks for nothing!

What did impeachment do? It raised the President’s approval ratings and it killed the Biden campaign. 52 percent of voters believe that the Burisma deal was corrupt. They probably would not have given it a second thought had it not been for impeachment. Nice work Nancy! Good job Shifty! The last thing the democratic establishment wanted was for Bernie to get the nod. They may have just made that inevitable. :grin:

And that’s why I said all along the Democrats made a huge mistake doing this before the election.

Congratulations to the Democrat Party on creating the first impeached President to get reelected. :clap:


Its Breitbart. .calm yourself

Biden took a hit because of biden


Settle down now, the Dems impeachment tantrum gave ole Joe a head start on self destruction. :roll_eyes:

So Plas, you think the timing of impeachment was perfectly ok?

I think it was a tad early given the info we now know.
You dont hold back because of an election a year out.


Can see it now…
Trump would go on about how the Dems were trying to “CENSOR” his right to free speech…lol. And the Trumpsters would eat that up. "They’re trying to take away the President’s first amendment rights!! "…lol.

Did you read the actual poll results? The President’s approval rating is 43% in this poll. 51% will either definitely or probably vote for someone other than Trump, while only 41% will definitely or probably vote for Trump. That’s not good.

Will never know how much of a hit Biden took from the impeachment but one would have to think it was significant as he consistently battled Sanders in the polls in Iowa up until around two weeks before the caucus then he just bombed. It’s hard to think that came from nothing. I am sure most people were like me and never heard of Hunter Biden but for 2-3 months before Iowa everyone knew the name as well as the allegations.

I think impeachment could be one factor in Biden’s demise - but I also look at the fact that he flopped in the Iowa caucus. That had to leave it’s own mark. If I’m a voter in a later primary, I’m looking at the guy finishing well behind other candidates and wondering if he’s even electable.

Biden told multiple voters to vote for someone else, and they listened to him.


he’ll do well in SC after he calls more college kids “lying dog face”

works well for democrats

Biden did take the worst of it.

Biden’s obvious slipping mental acuity is the biggest factor.

Bernie isn’t slipping like that and he is older.

Well…if there were no impeachment and Biden got the nomination, all this stuff would’ve come to light anyhow via Trump’s personal quest to dig up dirt in Ukraine. I don’t think anything has changed.

Biden is just too old…Can see that he was slipping mentally, age wise. I wouldn’t have wanted him as our nominee…

Ok Nancy…now look in the mirror and reflect on this;

Ok Donnie… now look in the mirror and reflect on this;

Shame I post here so much, which makes it hard for me to find my post that predicted exactly those results before they impeached him.