Biden to increase refugee cap to 125,000 in 2022 fiscal year

Beginning October 1. :grinning:

This is great news for eligible refugees.

They are heavily vetted which should assuage some fears.


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Excellent - also, this 125k does not include the 53k Afghan refugees.

Lot of people who have a chance at a better life (which, hey, if “better life” involves starting West African restaurants within delivery range to my house, I’m cool with that - Mwevans wants jollof rice)


That should make the working poor in blue states poorer… Increase those rents on the poor.

yay more people to support

always good news for democrats


My prediction is that there will be some comments that leaks air out of the “We want LEGAL immigration” balloon…

Oh… nevermind.

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Why should I personally want more legal immigrants? What’s in it for me?

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You’re welcome to the opinion that the ladder should be pulled up after all of the people you personally care about are on board.

But, since that particular opinion is unabashedly self-serving and hypocritical (unless you’re entirely descended from native Americans), most of the time the anti-immigration argument is couched in “I support LEGAL immigration” - until situations like this, when that argument collapses.


Also refugees are:

  • revenue positive over their first 20 years.
  • equally likely to educate themselves
  • have equal labor force participation compared with native born citizens

Given our labor shortage and declining birth rate, we benefit from immigrants.

Refugees have gone through extraordinarily difficult lives, worked hard, been thoroughly vetted and really want to be here. Other than Dr. Kim and SWE Sanjay, they’re about as desirable immigrants as we could want.

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More tax dollars over time
More people to staff businesses
A lower overall crime rate
Ethnic food beyond cinnamon in your chili

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They so much could care less about the poor in this country. When 60% of the country has less than $500 in savings most nations would pause and try to figure out something to help. Progressive fix, let’s bring in more poor.


Psst, native Americans didn’t start out here either.

Refugees are more productive than most of the people you reference and wind up revenue positive. They come from terrible situations and typically bust ass upon arrival.

Government can’t fix the majority of the terrible savers here.

Government can’t make someone follow Dave Ramsay’s baby steps (he’s insufferable but has good debt advice)

Government can’t force people to learn the virtues of the instant pot and dry black beans

Government can’t make people work a second job to put 3 months in an emergency fund

Government can’t force people to fill up their HSAs

The entirety of the world’s knowledge is available in seconds for anyone who wants to use it to better themselves. Government can’t teach people Python or Sales or whatever.

Bringing in 125,000 refugees does nothing to impact the 60% of people who don’t save their money.

Emotional drivel.


With that type of logic why not 1 or 2 billion.

Because the function is quadratic and not linear.

I know some people have a hard time thinking outside of straight lines, but there you go.

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Heavily vetted. Most don’t past the vetting.


Basically only the best become American refugees.


Is that a thing?

How does a refugee from a poor country pay for a house in America at the current prices? Hell how do they rent in America at the current prices. Millions are already getting ready to start being put out on the street after the eviction moratorium expired. Answer taxpayers like me and I assume you. As millions get ready to hit the street for not paying the rent taxpayers will be on the dime for putting up migrants in housing and healthcare they cannot afford.

How are non english speaking refugees more needed to businesses in America than English speaking ones. I would add this also comes at a time when the world as a whole outside of progressives here have passed more tougher migration laws. The EU doesn’t want to go through 2015-16 again. Only the 30% here which is roughly what Biden’s approval on handling the border is.

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