Biden to ABC's David Muir: 'I would shut [country] down' to prevent spread of COVID-19 if scientists recommended

Meanwhile lockdowns in South America like Argentina and Peru are having the oppsite effects of the lockdowns the lockdowns are making things matter worse not better if Joe Biden wins Biden wants to Keep America locked down for another three to six months completely. Even after months of lockdowns in Canada cases are of the virus are starting to grow in provinces like Ontario. The only thing that these lockdowns would is further cause mental health issues and division on everyone again.

You can disagree with Trump if you want but Trump was right about the lockdowns. We cant really trust the Chinese gov when it comes to their lockdowns knowing they even had tried to lie about the death stats and now they told their citizens in Wuhan to take off the masks?

Whats Joe Biden going to do? Keep America under a complete lockdown till a vaccine comes along?

Biden to ABC’s David Muir: ‘I would shut [country] down’ to prevent spread of COVID-19 if scientists recommended

I will say this America cant and wont survive another lockdown. Whats happening in California and New York is further prove of that. Another lockdown would further close down business and restaurants that will never open ever again.

And then that ■■■■■■■ had nerve to blame Trump for lost jobs because the country shut down.


Ontario has been out of lock-down for awhile.

I also saw the plans by the Biden website kind of a bit scary actually what kind of new green deal they want to push.

America has around 300M or so people and they claim that new green deal would only create 20 Million jobs but then that leave 100 200M or more without jobs and wind farms dont require human maintenance.

Wind Farm don’t require maintenance? that is simply not true.

Its bit of ironic how these covid numbers always seem to pop up whenever a country or state/province is out of the lockdown and the media doenst tell whatever its a health care unit for old folks or not.

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Not like Nuclear power plants mind you. When i say they dont need maintenance they dont need as many people. You can easily lose your job after its done.

Maybe in America but its quite easy to tell where the new cases are coming from in Ontario.
the Government gives daily reports on the subject.

I can go online and find out where all the COVID cases in my county are.

Green Deal supporters never tell you the consequences of these things.

build Nuclear plant then they are better then coal.

I have being always a defender of Nuclear clean energy over this kind of ridicules new green deal

Why are they better?

Same I love nuclear power, clean and very well paying jobs.

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But democrats dont seem not wanting to push for that one. Which is unfortunate. Also with Nuclear energy we can in the near future power up our space ships with it.

Where do you get this 3 - 6 months. You link an article that says nothing of the sort. Do better…:wink:

“I got a newsflash for Mr Biden,” Mr Pence said. “We think there is a miracle around the corner.”
“We believe it’s very likely that we will have one or more vaccines for the coronavirus before the end of this year,” he said. “All that is attributed to president Trump’s leadership.”

So how are they going to handle this at their convention next week? Will the virus even be mentioned?

If Crazy Ted is there he will likely rant about how its fake like he did earlier this week.

Pence will be lawyered up by years end.


Nuclear power could solve most of our energy needs within the span of a single generation. Today’s nuclear technology safe and much cheaper than even 25 years ago. It’s time has come.