Biden: Teaching women how to code in "the hood"


See the video starting at about 1:00

There is no notice from the media.

How do you think the media would have responded if Trump said anything even close to this?


Why start at 1:00? I kind of leaves out the context of the video…

I was prepared to say he’s an idiot, but it was a nice little story of people working together to train workers in needed skills. Something this country sorely needs as well.

Also, where is the obligatory #learntocode ? :wink:


I’m not sure why I’m supposed to be outraged.

What’s the issue?


I suspect if Trump ever used the term “in the hood” and “learn to code”, CNN would run non-stop commentaries on how racist and insensitive he is.

Of course then there was his comments about candidate Obama back in 2007:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

Biden gets a pass.


You guys really just don’t get it, do you?

You honestly don’t understand why people get offended. All you can do is try to ape the other side without understanding the point.


I understand that there is huge double standard when it comes to gaffes.

Democrat Ralph Northam is still governor of Virginia. He would be long gone if he were a Republican.


I started the video at 1:00. Why would Creepy Uncle Joe want to get a bunch of women from the hood with an GED level of education to do coding for him? I thought that coding meant computer programing, but I can’t understand why he thinks getting a bunch of barely educated women from a low income area is going to produce the best programmers. I can only assume that coding means that he gets to sniff their hair or something.

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It’s not a double standard - you just can’t tell the difference, because you don’t understand why people get upset.

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Wow how did you find that quote? I’ve never heard it before. Thanks for the deep digging.

Call me when he is retweeting white supremacists, saying some nazi marchers are good people, spending a 2 year media investigation questioning the birthplace of a president because they’re black, suggesting Mexican judges can’t be trusted, and basing his entire presidential campaign on walling out all the scary rapey drug dealing brown people down south.


I can tell you as a former coder - moved to project manager whether you learn at the university or the hood it’s not the degree it’s cracked out to be, be prepared to compete with H1B visa holders as well as a hoard of offshore IT workers if one decides to work for a Fortune 500 company on up.


So a group of people with limited education and means learn a skill that helps them improve their own lives and their community and you are looking for reasons to be offended?

Your need to spew anger at this is appalling. Have we reached the point where conservatives scorn self reliance and initiative?


Trump accomplices just don’t know how to deal with a candidate who is not lying, insulting or bullying.


That’s why sharpio and Moore are. Not heard from ever again…


I could almost- ALMOST- get the feigned outraged over the use of the word “hood”.

But how on earth is the phrase “learn to code” in any ways remotely racist?


. . .saying some nazi marchers are good people. . . --Forcefield

Thanks for proving my case by repeating an often-repeated media misquote of Trump:

Many in the media are more than happy to twist their reporting to discredit Republicans. Biden is treated much more kindly.

My point is not that Biden is really a racist. The real point is that media reporting is massively more forgiving when it is about Democrats.


I think he has a stu……stut…….stutter………stuttering problem.

The main questions is!!! Can they still code as he smells their hair, and “rubs”
their shoulders, in a completely professional manner! Mind you! lmao! :smirk:


It is incredible the amount of effort that is put into arguing that people who attend a rally organized by white Supremacists, for White Supremacists, featuring White Supremacist speakers for the express purpose of promoting White Supremacy are somehow not all bad.

It is bonkers.

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Trying to hard


Wow that Breitbart opinion piece really opened my mind to a new way of seeing this.

Ok - call me when there is a neo-nazi march where a person is murdered and in his first opportunity to denounce these ■■■■■■■■ Biden instead goes marble mouthed and says there were good people there. Is that better?


“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

JOE BIDEN, JAN 2007 (Referring to Obama)