Biden takes 32-point lead over Sanders

Results of a weekend Harris-Hill poll show:

Biden - 46%
Sanders - 14%
Buttigieg - 8%
Warren - 7%
Harris - 6%
O’Rourke and Booker tied at 3%
The rest of them are 0-1%

I’m surprised. I thought Biden’s Gropegate would bury him.
I’m also surprised that Warren is doing as well as she is.

I’m not surprised that O’Rourke is fading into obscurity.

It’s still early. At this time in 2015, Trump hadn’t even announced.
Anything can happen.

Still way too early to read too much into. Plus they haven’t started going after each other yet. Once the negative campaign adds start flying then we’ll see how things shake out.

Do you think China will give Bidens son a bonus if Joe wins the Presidency?


Like you said, way too early to take seriously. See how he goes on and the numerous flubs he will make with Democratic candidates attacking him for his past stands, on things like the Iraq war, his seeming to say take it easy on China, they are not competitors (Bernie has taken him to task on that), his stand on Nafta, his past stand on the crime bill in the 90s, how will that stand in the current Democratic climate. The other 20 candidates are not going down whimpering. His disagreement with Obama on taking down BinLaden, should get some criticism even from liberal candidates.

They’re already after him:

I think gropegate will be used as a last resort, I’m not sure they will have to go there. I think the videos of him groping children are worse than his groping women. Just see the ‘creepy Joe’ to children video on youtube, I don’t see how that will be ignored. I think that his flubs, and his other past stands, will be used against him, I’m not sure he’ll weather that. Like I said, the groping children stuff will only be used if he is able to weather the attacks on policy issues. I am not sure he’ll be able to withstand the policy attacks.

Joe is the elite’s choice. The powers behind the thrones have chosen him. Just like Clinton and Bush last election.

Will he be able to survive the primaries? We shall see.

Must have been hard growing up with a name like Buttgieg. And how the heck is he ahead of Harris? Racism?

That’s what I thought, too, until I saw CNN do a major hit piece on him the day he announced. They went all the way back and reminded people of his plagiarism scandal in 1988.
CNN is a tool of the DNC.

If they love biden that much then what the hell was the problem with schultz??

Not buying it. This is just a naked attempt to thin out the herd as soon as possible.

biden is this year’s herman cain. He will not lead for long.

Polling is notoriously suspect, but I like these numbers. Sanders needs to go away.

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If he doesn’t self destroy. He appears to have a high possibility of just that with the weird creepy Hands-On approach he takes, his never ending gaffes, and the fact he looks to be demented.

Yes, yes he does.

Ive been saying that since his last presidential run. He is annoying and a pest.

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According to RealClearPolitics, Biden is leading in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Sanders is second.
Never know what will happen between now and then, but I don’t think a candidate who didn’t win at least one of those has ever won the nomination.

He needs to take stands on the current issues. Is he just for the continuation, expansion of Obamacare, or is he now all in for Medicare for all, which really is the destruction of Medicare, how will he pay for it, what does he think of Reparations, in the past he was dead set against it, all the other candidates are at least for a study of it, if not. What is his stand on the new green deal, what does he mean by there is a new Jim Crowe, is asking for a picture ID the same as Maddux firehosing civil rights demonstrators, has he changed his stance on busing, does he regret his vote for the crime bill in the early 90s, etc. Can he answer these questions and still retain his lead over most of the others who would see things differently from him.

I don’t think Democrat voters make that kind of analysis. They vote personality- gut instinct.
Sanders did well in 2016 because he played the kind old Uncle. He’s announced this year that he’s playing rough.
If anyone really stands out in the debates, they could threaten Biden.

How is it the destruction of Medicare? This is a nonsensical assertion.

This might sound crazy, so brace yourself. The same way we pay for our current system: with money. Except less of it. Because according to the conservative Mercatus Center study, it’ll cost $2 trillion less than our current system over 10 years. Looking at every other developed nation in the world who pay a fraction of what we do per capita, this isn’t hard to believe.

This Democrat votes on policy.

This poll is proof fake news works, no one else would survive if there was videos of groping and the knowledge of family members collecting big bucks from China when being the Vice President.