Biden, Sanders losing ground

Biden is leading the polls at 24%. Sanders, Warren and Buttigeig are neck-and-neck at 16%, 15% and 14% respectively. The rest of the field is quite a bit behind those numbers.

Biden and Sanders are losing ground. Warren and Buttigeig are climbing.

Beto O’Rourke has all but disappeared at 2%.


Biden will wither with his gaffing and flip-flopping. He renounced the Hyde amendment yesterday after 36 years of solidly supporting it and after 48 hours of reaffirming his support for it. He’s a phony and voters are seeing it.

Sanders? Not sure.

Warren? I’m surprised at her success. She may be the one to watch.

Buttigeig? Not sure but I think he’s just the flavor of the week. I don’t think he will last.

Beto? No surprise at all. He’s a complete empty suit. His 5 minutes are over.

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Sanders will never be anything more than a spoiler. While I understand the political advantage this gives Donald and why Trumpists would love to see him remain in the race until the bitter end, I hope he drops out soon so we can get serious about having the best chance of punting the current occupant of the Oval Office out.


too much prosperity?

Not enough appeal with moderate/Independent Americans to overthrow Donald. Only enough to split the opposition vote.

Biden needs to take running more seriously if he wants to be the nominee. Buttigeig and Warren are my two favorites currently.

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I told everyone that biden is this year’s herman cain. He’s not gonna be the nominee.

He’s the emptiest suit ever. And that includes the kenyan turd.

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No more old white dudes running for President. Let them go America, let them go.

I’m interested in seeing what happens in the debates.
I expect one of two things:
Everyone will gang up against Biden, trying to knock him off.
They will assume Biden will defeat himself and try to make themselves stand out.

Warren is killing it. No one even comes close to touching her on policy.


Wasn’t it Presiden Kenyan Turd there for a bit…

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You guys completely misunderstand what the dems are. Not the GOP. The GOP completely understands what the dems sre. centrist republicans do too. You guys however have no clue. Socialism is not what the dems are.

Maybe if you say it enough, you’ll actually believe it.

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It’s simplistic. I keep telling you elders. The red scare is more than a century old and here we are waiting for it as it waits for us just around that corner. Or that one. Or that one.

Lol fake news @BillBrown, but you gave it the old college try.

Try a real,poll

Biden 36% among registered members of the Democratic Party.

Biden ripping sanders a new one 36-16 among dems.

Get better polling data before posting fake news.

Biden is still strong.

Allan (facts over opinions)

Your poll is 5 days old.
This one is 2 days old.

Twenty-four percent of Iowa’s likely Democratic caucusgoers say former vice president Biden is their first choice for president. Sanders, a Vermont senator, is the first choice for 16% of poll respondents, while Warren, a Massachusetts senator, and Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, are at 15% and 14% respectively.

no but the stand out figures are, like the beloved twinkly eyed dingbat AOC, and the Hamas Caucus, and these idiots plus what, dozens now are pushing for impeachment. yet not a damn thing got done

no one in the dems stands up to them or rebukes them ever.

that is their strength. but this is no surprise, because they are also the “by any means necessary” party, to get the WH back and the power

i know them perfectly because i have eyes. thanks

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They don’t misunderstand.

It’s branding.

I spent an interesting few hours this weekend deep within the unreality bubble. It was quite enlightening. When appropriate, I’ll share some learnings.

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Yay Old White Man!


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After Obama’s spygate and attacks with the IRS it might be a while before another Democrat is elected. Just saying

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