Biden’s Appeal - What is it?

Obstruction of…

That being the case, I suspect a large part of his appeal right now is based on the belief that he has the best chance of defeating Donald. We’ll see if that belief is sustained as the winnowing process commences.

But why does he have the best chance? What about him makes him the best choice?

Hes a known commodity. He has decades of political experience and clout. He has an identifiable record and can be expected to act in a known way.

That’s in stark contrast to a wild horse that just runs around doing whatever comes to mind without any clue of its consequences.


Just my opinion? Name recognition and the fact that he’s more mainstream than some of his Democratic rivals. He’ll appeal better to the coveted middle voter than, say, Sanders.

So people can predict his every move, that’s what makes him attractive?

decades of losing pres runs and plagiarism

He’s Obama 1.5

They can get a pretty good idea. That’s why people like those with a track record.

Its why you give an employer you are applying to a resume. AT&T doesnt hire Joe Schmoe off the streets to be their CEO.

And that’s another factor explaining Biden’s appeal - his connection with Obama, a popular POTUS who has become even more so since leaving office and being replaced by (I’ll say this diplomatically) the personally unlikable and politically divisive individual currently residing in the Oval Office.

This has been completely debunked which is why Giuliani cancelled his trip to the Ukraine.

that fast already? wow. i was curious how long before the lying narrative was marched out.

Biden polls strongly among African-Americans because of his positive association with President Obama.

And like W in 2000, name recognition goes a long way in a crowded field.

That said, how does he do with Millennials and women? Two other groups Obama remains very popular with. I suspect his association with Obama doesn’t hurt Biden with either.

also like gore

dont forget his total ■■■■■■■■ as being “blue collar”. that probably resonantes with some real idiots

No one Democratic candidate will come close to the working class cred of Donald, a man who brought himself up from nothing by the sweat of his brow and brawn of his Brobdingagian hands.

It’s just a handicap the DNC is going to have to figure out how to overcome going into 2020.


The answer is that libs believe he is the best chance at beating Trump…and NOTHING more…period.

Concerning the next election if Biden gets the nomination? Say bye Felicia. :sunglasses:

You don’t care about Biden one whit. So the only point of this thread (judging by the posts so far) is to lead people to say what you want and not have a real discussion.



Almost as much as trump being a man of the common man lol. Isn’t that precious

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Allow me to repeat myself…bye Felicia. :sunglasses: