Biden’s Appeal - What is it?

What’s the appeal of Biden? What is he strong on? What do people like about him?

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Young, vibrant, and brings a lot of new ideas to the party compared to the old guard of the Democratic Party.


He doesnt tweet like a child at 4 am.


Ok. So you’ll vote for a republican that doesn’t tweet at 4 am?

That’s only half the formula…

So what is Biden’s appeal other than he’s not Trump? Is it that hard of a question?

He doesn’t call an entertainer for policy advice.

You’re asking the wrong person.

He doesn’t appeal to me.

But you have to remember the national Democratic Party is also controlled by fiftysomething white people.

There are pockets of a younger more diverse population giving rise to people like AOC…and they also make a lot of noise disproportionate to the power they actually have.

But fiftysomething white people are the silent majority in the D party.

Like Michael Moore or Al Franken? Ok.

Not necessarily, but it’s a good start.

Are you asking in the context of Biden in general, or Biden in the hypothetical of him being the Democratic nominee facing off against Donald in the 2020 election?

In general, but if you want to go further, have at it.

In general he has no more or less appeal than any other establishment politician.

In a general election against Donald, Biden has the same appeal for me that so many Trump voters said Donald had for them in 2016.

There’s nothing he is strong on, or stands out?

Compared to whom?

Any of the democratic challengers.

My question is why do you care?


Do any of them deviate from the DNC platform to such a degree that they stand out? I’m asking because at this early stage there’s too many for me to sift through. I’ll wait until the field narrows before doing any in depth reading.

I’m just curious because he seems to be leading by such a large margin early, considering the vast number of candidates already in the running.

maybe the idiot left and dems like when the VP threatens Ukraine with a billion dollars of aid unless they call off the prosecutor of company his coke head loseer son sits on