Biden / Romney ticket?

I heard some talk on the radio about this today. Apparently, it is an idea in the early phases of polling, but the concept is to have the two men run together in a 3rd party Presidential ticket in 2020. I’ve got to say, I kind of like the idea, and could see myself voting for that ticket. I’d prefer to see someone challenge Trump in a Republican primary, but this would be a good alternate.

Better then anything DNC can come up with at the moment.

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This is the right putting out a trial balloon of an absurd idea that they can call reasonable and “moderate” so when the democrats obviously don’t do this, they can label them liberal extremists.

Oh I would so love a bipartisan ticket

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I could see a lot of advantages to something like this.

I remember when Sam Watterson was the spokesman for that idea . Fully supported it

Trump would love to see a third party spoiler in the election.


True but if ehover wins the Dem nomination has the balls to put a sane, centrist R as vp+ if one exists now)…that might be another story

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It’s crazy to think how much I would prefer Romney than the current leadership in the GOP.

But I don’t see Romney ever running as a VP.

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Democrats seem to like Republicans from long ago when they are not an immediate threat to their power. Remember, the time to be civil is when we have the power back.

What it was really like.

DNC Chair: Romney Welfare Attacks Are Racist

That’s how far you have fallen.

“A new ad from a super PAC supporting President Obama ties former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to a family’s loss of health insurance and a woman’s subsequent death from cancer.”

Clearly he is a monster.

Actual conservative’s thought process: “ oh, liberals are now starting to come around to mitt, this is good for my ideaology.

Unanchored trumpets : “oh Libs say they’d vote for mitt now?! I better convince them not to”


Yep, all about tribal politics, nothing more.

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No, there is no way (we can be civil when we have power) Democrats would ever vote for Romney. They would revert to their normal race card and smear tactics.
I just don’t want them to waste their time fantasizing.

I voted for Romney and would again.

compared to the party of Republican now? Very much so.

this week Republican Steve King ask Google to hand over the political affiliation of all their employees.

Those were just campaign devices…

No different than trumps attacks on lyin ted cruz then turn around and love him after the election…

Old white guys? I’m in.