Biden pushes forced vaccination

Biden is requiring federal employees and troops to vaccinate or be fired. He is pushing private employers to do the same. The alleged justification is to stop the spread of COVID, but the vaccines are so ineffective that more vaccinations will not stop the spread.

How do we know that? Just look at the rising rate of COVID in the Malta, which has the highest vaccination rate in the world (81.4%) and an increasing number of COVID cases. Cases are also up in the Iceland and the UK, which have much higher rates of vaccination than the US (70.7% & 62.4% versus 52.2% in the US).

Is the push for forced vaccinations just another in a series of bait-and-switch tactics from Biden?

Or is it just a distraction from the ongoing debacle in Afghanistan?

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No and no.

Canada and Portugal have higher vaccination rates and increasing numbers of COVID cases. Every western country that I checked with a higher vaccination rate than the US is seeing more cases.

Vaccinations reduce symptoms, but that may increase infection rates since people don’t know they are contagious. The vaccines do not stop infection. How does that stop the spread?

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‘We’re in big trouble’: Doctors worry Canada’s 4th wave of COVID-19 could be biggest yet (


service member are required to be vaccinated for like 100 things, they have a whole day devoted getting as many needles at once as possible…

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how many people are dying of COVID in Canada, what are hospitalization numbers.

Here is what you need to know. Employers are losing a crapload of money on sick employees. People who get sick…and then don’t come back they collect unemployment that the employer pays. Mandating a vaccine as terms of employment and as a means of going to public schools, college and work…will eventually save this country billions.

You guys are so worried about freeberty over a vaccine when we’ve all gotten vaccines to go to elementary school, high school college, to travel abroad and etc. When was the last time any of you got a severe cut. Got a tetanus shot? Of course. Didn’t think twice? What’s in it. Do you know? But ya trust it don’t ya.

The unvaccinated are costing the healthcrare system billions. Costing the employers in this country billions, why don’t people see this.


What are the comparable figures for the USA?

The only statistics that should matter are those for the vaccinated.

If someone refused the vaccine that is their problem. People refuse treatment all the time and sometimes die as a result. That is their choice. No one gets fired for refusing heart bypass surgery.


They are seeing an increase because those who did not get vaccinated are getting sick.

<1% to 5 % of new cases are vaccinated. The rest are unvaccinated. If a state of 10million has a 50% vaccination rate…5 million are still unvaccinated. See why numbers are increasing?

That isn’t how herd immunity works.

Funny you say that because hospital in U.S are delaying surgeries because they don’t have beds.

And they are leaving ICU beds open so those unvaccinated sickies can use them when they get covid.

The people who are most likely to refuse to be vaccinate are the young and the healthy. Their health care costs are a lot lower than older people who are overweight, have diabetes, etc.

I suspect that the companies who hire the unvaccinated will make out like bandits in the long term.

You refusing open heart surgery doesn’t effect the health of others.


It wouldn’t be a big deal if the hospitals were not over burden with unvaccinated people dying.
which effect the health of other people because they can’t get ICU bed or are delayed treatment.

Now you’re just showing your lack of understanding.

I am sure that delays occur someplace in the US all the time.

There in no evidence that vaccinations are reducing the number of cases. The data shows the opposite if anything.

It reduces the number of deaths and hospitalization.

but its okay for innocent people to die so you don’t have to get pocked with a needle, your that important.

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What is the breakdown?

How many unvaccinated are getting Covid vs vaccinated in Malta?

Neither does refusing the COVID vaccination.

The countries with the highest vaccination rates are seeing an increase in cases, and vaccines do not prevent infection.

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