Biden Public Rival Threat Pattern. Presidential?

Joe Biden stepped across the boundary of ethical conduct by intimating that Lindsey Graham would “regret for the rest of his life” seeking supporting documents regarding Biden and Burisma.

I am surprised the sensational driven media has not played this up more.

Biden told left-wing opinion host Don Lemon: “I am disappointed and angered. He knows me. He knows my son. He knows there’s nothing to this. Trump is now essentially holding power over him that even the Ukrainians wouldn’t yield to.”

Biden then admitted that the Ukrainians never launched an investigation into his alleged self-dealings as Obama’s vice president.

Keep in mind that Democrats claim that President Trump had pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden during a July phone call.

Both the Ukrainian president and its foreign minister denied that Trump pressured them to do anything.

Biden said: “The Ukrainians would not yield to ‘investigate Biden.’ There’s nothing to investigate about Biden or his son. Lindsey is about to go down in a way that I think he’s going to regret his whole life.”

The article reminds us that Lunchbucket Joe also had a warning for the media about Rudy.

Which it seems most have cut back the air of Rudy at Joe’s behest.

Biden appears to be much better at this than he gets credit for.

This is not the way to win a Presidential campaign…or else.

Just keep punching at it Joe!!!



Most have cut back air of Rudy?

He’s been in the news all weekend!

Did he sniff Lemon’s hair?


When I listened to Biden and his verbal threat to Graham…it was obvious he knows he’s on a political path going down the drain. He is a part of the swamp that must go. If he’s found guilty of crimes, I hope he’s punished to the full extent of the law…period.

Don’t tell Joe.

No need to anger him.

Did Joe sound like an innocent corruption fighter to you or someone who wants to stay out of the spotlight by saying what he did about Lindsey Graham.

I would like to keep punching at the hidden truth here.

just because Lindsey has been his friend should he NOT investigate corruption?


He didn’t threaten Lindsay Graham.

He’s basically saying he’s sold his soul and his integrity to Donald Trump.

You realize when people who are supposed to be other sources of power in government go out on a daily basis and parrot what the other source of power is saying, they’ve surrendered their power.

Lindsay Graham has been emasculated by Donald Trump.

That’s what Joe Biden is referring to.


It struck me as someone desperate to hide the truth.

To keep punching at Burisma might knock some truth loose.


Are you the Joe whisperer?

His quote is easy enough to grasp at face value.

Lindsey can punch at it for a while.



Yes…he very clearly did.


No need to be a whisperer…only an observer of human nature.


No…he really didn’t.

One only reads it that way when one makes a boatload of unsupported assertions.

And ignores the history of relationships in the Senate…Joe Biden remembers the days before tribalism poisoned everything.

“Lindsay is about to go a way…that I think…he’s going to regret his whole life.”

what way is that Joe?

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Joe thought his Senate tribe was superior to his party tribe with Lindsey.

Joe has found that to not be the case and issued a public THREAT to him.

Regret for rest of life…Clear threat. Akin to don’t go to sleep or don’t turn your back.

Joe will have to keep punching at a lot of targets as the Burisma activity gets renewed and full scrutiny.


Being embarrassed for being a Trump lapdog.
Biden was saying that when Graham retires, Graham is going to look back and go “Oh man, I really was sucking the scum off the bottom of the pond by defending Trump.”



What crimes do you think Biden mya have committed?

I would expect a corruption fighter to encourage full disclosure and take the free publicity it brings.

Instead he keeps rhetorically punching at Trump associates and showing he has a Trump on his brain.

Biden looked guilty and unsavory to me. Worse than Trump who is more rhetorically clumsy that intimidating.


Ok whatever.