Biden promotes southern covid infections by opening illegal alien flood gates

How do you not know?

No, I’m 100% correct. CRT is just the latest racial appeal to help distract and motivate Republicans. It’s hardly controversial, or shouldn’t be.

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It helps distract liberals from reality. Come on, Man

Forty percent of this week’s coronavirus cases came from the states of Florida, Texas, and Missouri, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zients said.

Could it be that BIDEN is dropping Illegals in those states? (Well, the illegals are coming into Texas and spreading like ants on sugar. It is open border crossing for Illegals) Stumblin Joe Biden, Kamaalaa Harris, and their liberal minions are responsible for the rise in COVID positive by unchecked open borders for Illegal Aliens.

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It’s how the dialectic works to bring in authoritarian regimes. Create fragmented disorder and then step in with a firm hand to reinstate order.

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They, Stumblin Joe and Kamaalaa, should ship all illegals to Cuomo’s NYC and the State of Calipornia.

Yes, Paul you are 100% correct.