Biden promotes southern covid infections by opening illegal alien flood gates

COVID cases among migrants in Rio Grande Valley sector surge 900% as border numbers continue to rise.

Look if the jerks keep illegal aliens coming this is what happens.

Yep covid infection soar across open border illegal zones.

Just because illegal aliens aren’t tested for COVID but are put on jets, at taxpayer expense and then flown to cities around the country, just to be dropped off…couldn’t possibly be considered as negligently spreading the virus…could it? It would actually be closer to intentional…than accidental.


You are absolutely correct. +10


Uh oh. That’s gonna earn you a quick censoring from Zuckie and pals if posted anywhere on social media.


The Dems are not releasing the numbers, covid status and injection points of the illegals being ferried around the country, but it should not surprise anyone if the covid positive cases are being sent to Red states to create spikes, and discredit local covid responses, in an attempt to justify ordering emergency federal intervention in their local covid responses.


I hear they are trying to resettle in Florida. Makes sense to me.

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@Paul_Thomson ,

We are in a world of â– â– â– â–  with the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier and his Leftists minions manipulating America. They make no bones about their run on censorship. What the â– â– â– â–  are we now living in China?

Sounds like something CCP would do


The idiot Zuckie pretty much pulls the rug on everything my wife posts there. :roll_eyes:

I don’t even bother to post there.


Serves their purposes. Gets the virus going again maybe through the midterms.

Distract the voters. Of course all the draconian BS the blue states did if reinstated may just piss off the voters.

That could be a big back fire. :thinking:


I sincerely believe Biden’s pathetic performance at the southern border warrants impeachment.

He created this crisis…and has ignored the results of the crisis he created.

I understand I’m probably the only person who feels that way…but good lord the #1 responsibility of the president is national security. 188000 illegals that we know of came to the southern border last month.

Biden, who claimed he would follow the science and promised to lock the country down during the campaign if the scientists told him to…is not only letting hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people into America illegally but he’s letting new Covid cases, drugs, human slaves, all in with them.

Anything for New Democrat voters I guess.

This so called president is just a disaster.


From the linked article in the OP…

“ Currently, the majority of those encountered are turned back due to Title 42 public health protections put in place during the Trump administration. Just under 105,000 of those encounters in June resulted in a Title 42 expulsion… However, the Biden administration is not turning away unaccompanied children or most migrant families (just 8,000 encounters out of more than 55,000 migrant family encounters resulted in a Title 42 expulsion)…Furthermore, it is reported to be planning to end Title 42 for migrant families later this month, with other reports suggesting it would be ended altogether for single adults shortly after.”

So apparently clueless whispering Joe and company are ready to do everything they can to just let more and more of those people into the country.


The man is a true nut case. How the hell does he think allowing 2 million unchecked, low skilled invaders into our country every year will improve our quality of life?


But there’s no chance of that under Pelosi and Chuckie. They may be aiming to cancel or defer mid-terms due to the need for martial law to pretend to deal with civil unrest they are trying hard to foment.


If they aren’t tested how does the article in the op know how many are infected?

No, you’re not.

I’d take it a step further and call for him to be behind bars for the rest of his life. God only knows he probably would think he’s on vacation somewhere.


LOL. Your quality of life is the least of his concerns.


We don’t. Could be a lot worse than projected.


188,800 illegals crossed the border in June. The article in the OP said;

There were 135 detainees who tested positive in the first two weeks of July alone, marking a 900% increase in confirmed positive cases compared to the previous 14 months.

Now do the math. They aren’t coming even close to testing everyone.


Yes he is…and his Vice President is no better.

Biden and his policies are encouraging illegal immigrants to come to this country illegally. He ended the successful Remain in Mexico policy, terminated the construction of a border wall that was working…

The numbers are staggering…a 400% increase in migrat apprehensions…233% increase in fentanyl seizures…surprise surprise now we re getting all kinds of new Covid cases.

This presidency is a criminal joke…and this country is going to be paying the price of Biden and his handlers intentional incompetence for years to come.