Biden Press Conferences with Questions Beginning 9/2/2020

Biden claimed he “urged” use of the DPA for PPE and ventilators in March, maybe April.

The DPA was signed April 2nd.

In my opinion, Biden was low energy, whining and pleading.

It is no wonder they kept him out until the last minute.

The more he talks, the more he contradicts himself.

Trump’s biggest problem is Trump’s personality.


I don’t fault him for that. The media were hostile to Trump from the minute he announced.


This topic is about Biden’s press conference today. Please stay on topic.

If you want to discuss birther there is a thread for that.

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Trump never really acted upon it.

:rofl: What are you talking about? That is acting on it. The companies did it and are still doing it. 3M is still ramping up more and more.

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I caught the last 10 minutes. His answers to questions sound canned. Twice, that I heard, his response was: “Blah blah I just don’t get it” or “I don’t get this administration”. I chuckled when he was asked about parents and back to school issues. He promised “help is on the way” adding ”but I’m not the President”! Huh? Then he went rambling on about child day care and eldercare. So I’m guessing the “blame Trump for 180,000 Covid deaths, unemployment, encouraging Right Wing militias to kill protesters and police brutality against black and brown people is going to be the Democrat talking points for the next 60 days?

Obviously you ani’t black… Come on man! Check out my leg hair!


Please at least try and be accurate.

The only time he didn’t use it is when the companies did what he asked without it.

Is there anyone who did not get tired of hearing Trump update and brag about all the ventilators we produced in a very short time?


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And Pence

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He seemed quite solid to me, nice job Joe!


Solid in what sense?

Can somebody explain what Biden was talking about childcare because schools are closed?


I watched it live.

Then I can’t help ya.

You didn’t watch your candidate live?

Yes he seems very tired. Also he kept pivoting back to Covid. At least that what I seen in small segment of his interview.

The avoided discussion on large range of issues.