Biden now has a judicial nominee just as stupid as Trump nominee Matthew Spencer Petersen

If you remember, Trump judicial nominee Matthew Spencer Petersen could not define what a motion in limine was. A basic court room motion. At least he did the right thing afterwards and withdrew his nomination.

But we are now here again.

Charnelle Bjelkengren, nominee for the Untied States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington could not answer very basic questions from Senator Kennedy about what Article II and Article V of the Constitution do. Nor could she define purposivism.

I suggest she follow Petersen’s lead and withdraw her nomination.

She may want to hide under a rock for a while as well after that epic fail.

While most Trump and Biden nominees have held a basic level of competence, clearly both have nominated some fails. Bjelkengren clearly matches Petersen for the sheer epic level of fail.

Pretty much everybody Brandon has appointed to anything is Stupid. Shrug.


Actually, no.

While it could be said that I find most of President Biden’s nominees to be of an incompatible political ideology with my own, that actually doesn’t make them “stupid” by definition.

Yes, Biden has nominated and/or appointed a few stupid people, such as the one discussed in the OP. But so did Trump.

Petersen was not fit to be a Federal Judge, but at least he did the right thing and voluntarily pulled out.

Bjelkengren should do the same.

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Well she’s the right color and ideology… Dems won’t object to her confirmation.


Lack of smarts is actually an advantage as a dem.

Look at Brandon and Fetterman. :roll_eyes:

Agreed. Fails for both nominees at the hand of Kennedy. Although, Peterson was grossly unqualified to be a judge. At least Bjelkengren has been serving as a judge for over a decade.

Which makes it worse. Jeez

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Yeah. Kinda. Haha.

Do you know what would have been real â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  funny???

If Kennedy had asked her what Article III of the Constitution concerned and she couldn’t answer.


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Is she married to a Swede?