Biden makes it official with a "Disinformation Governance Board"

Of course you are. I’m not persecuted, what an odd thing to say. Deep down inside you, in that last remaining vestige of American liberalism remaining in your DNA, you know this is as wrong as two Sp/4s in the woodline with a chaplain’s assistant. You know all of this is wrong. Yet because of your tribe, you can’t bring yourself to say it out loud.

So you pretend it’s “no big deal”. “They have no enforcement!” Pretend like you don’t know how agencies work.

It’s fascinating to watch, especially after 5 years of sky screaming Trump is a fascist, authoritarian tyrant.

What do you feeeeel will happen to your “no big deal” is Trump gets re-elected in 2024?


No I don’t.

You just vote for the people who will, totally innocent.


Progs stared into the abyss too long. They have become war mongering, fascist petty little tyrants. Probably always were.

The circle is complete.


No I don’t

There are a lot of assumptions being made about this thing, and it doesn’t even exist yet. I am willing to change my opinion as more facts come out, but in the meantime I am going to push back on the hysteria in this thread.

I never said that. Not once.

The same

Fight it!

Do a search for your posts. And remember, here we are discussing the central government .

Of course not.

Completely dishonest.


Last year… the new Minister of Truth

What the hell happened to this country?


Very good singing voice. America has always had talent.

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I’d like to ask a question of everyone cheering this on.

What is the difference between outright government censorship, and this ‘disinformation’ campaign?


You and those of your ilk are responsible for this.


This again? Makes sense I suppose to post a disinformation entity, about a discussion about disinformation.

The petition was organized and circulated by Arthur B. Robinson, president of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (described as “a small independent research group”) in 1998, and again in 2007.[2] Frederick Seitz, then chairman of the George C. Marshall Institute, wrote a supporting cover letter, signed as “Past President National Academy of Sciences USA, President Emeritus Rockefeller University”.[3][4][5] “In a highly unusual move, the National Academy held a press conference to disclaim the mailing and distance itself from its former president.”[5]

Robinson asserted in 2008 that the petition has over 31,000 signatories, with 9,000 of these holding a PhD degree.[2] Most signatories with a PhD hold their degree in engineering.[6] The 2009 report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC)—a group that “disputes the reality of man-made climate change”[7]—lists 31,478 degreed signatories, including 9,029 with PhDs.[8] The list has been criticized for its lack of verification, with pranksters successfully submitting the names of Charles Darwin, a member of the Spice Girls and characters from Star Wars, and getting them briefly included on the list.[9]

Libs are out of the closet. Authoritarians pretending to be liberal.


They aren’t even pretending any more. The proletariat turning MAGA broke them.

They have PTSD from 1/6.


People learn who and what they are…so they will use the threat of armed government to punish anyone that challenges them.

How far will they go with this? That’s the real question. Next they will justify incarnation without any due process.


Reconsolidation is the next step after winning any battle. You have to protect the gain. The “heady advances of the movement”

Haven’t they already rationalized it?

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The most dangerous types of useful idiots on Earth.


Clever parody as well.

Fact checking. That’s how far.

Anthing else is pure persecution porn


Is that damn sky falling again!?!?!?!

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