Biden makes his case for voting for him

Reporter: Why should people make a change though?
Biden: That is up to them to decide.

Reporter: Why should they?
Biden: It’s for them to decide.
Reporter: Well make your case.
Biden: I’m not going to.

Biden seems to have great difficulty answering even simple questions. I am convinced the Biden’s only possible strategy is to go back to hiding in his basement.

The more Biden becomes the focus of the campaign, the worse his chances to win.




Ok. Don’t vote for him.

Yes, even softball questions are too much for him.


If he wins, should we use the 25th amendment to remove him from office based on his obvious medical problems?


Don’t discount that as a lib strategy.


Sure. If he wins, and a doctor says he’s not physically/mentally fit for the job … have at it. President Harris will do fine.

You think that will that be the party platform?

Elect Biden so we can replace him?

I will not be surprised at all that if Biden wins one way or the other he won’t last a year.

Dementia has been linked to increase risk from COVID, and men near 80 are already at high risk.

Biden may be removed quickly one way or another.

Oh, not at all.

This interview was back in September.

Here is the whole thing and not a cut off clip.

I know you aren’t going to vote for him anyway.


People are talking about Trump’s terrible interview yesterday, so i have to find something to switch back to biden on , even if it’s from September.


I keep seeing a Biden ad on youtube, he screwed that up.

Wake me up when September ends. This story is a pebble in the pond ripple compared to what will be dug up about Biden in October. Have fun on the twitter meme story battlefield while you still can.

It will be interesting if he wins it will be the first time in my lifetime that a presidential candidate won staying away from the cameras and campaigning. Kinda scary but at the same time can’t blame his team since his numbers are better staying in the basement.

You wouldn’t even know there was a presidential election coming if one didn’t know it was.

I don’t care. I am only voting for him to remove Trump from office.

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Back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s several presidential candidates swore of the campaign trail and ran their campaigns from home. 4 of them, in fact. They took in visitors and did their campaigning from their front porch.

All 4 of them won.


Seems to be working for him

Clearly that reporter was trying to trap him. He’s too smart to fall for that. :wink: