Biden is on track to lose the Electoral College - The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe is a liberal rag. They consistently “forget” to capitalize the word President, and they refuse to put the words “President” and “Trump” together through the body of the story
…and they say Biden is in trouble.

In 2016 the mainstream/liberal media mocked and ridiculed anyone who predicted a Trump victory. It doesn’t look like they will use that same strategy this year as we enter early voting. Now they want you to know that Biden is losing steam, or Trump is surging. Maybe that is what is really happening, or maybe this is another way to massage the election.

If I was running for President, and a few points ahead in a race, I might want it to appear as if I was behind in order to spur my supporters to action, and keep them focused. The flip side of that argument is that some voters don’t vote on ideology. They vote for who ever they think will win, and again if I’m running for President, and if I’m perceived as a loser that hurts.

Many on the right will say the tightening of polls indicates the polls were rigged in the first place, and President Trump has always garnered majority support. Even the liberals will admit

"What all the pros know is that the president “under-polls.” Trump is usually 2 percent stronger than he “performs” in any given published poll. "

I’d like to think I don’t typically entertain conspiracy idea’s. I typically ask myself “can this be attributed to simple human callousness, incompetence, or greed?” The answer is almost always “yes.”

I would, however, like to hear from anyone who thinks the MSM is smart enough to lower expectations now.


“A month or so ago, the notion that President Trump would win reelection was dismissed as delusional. No longer.“

what a way to start an opinion article.


I did say “body of the story” 9 out of 10 times in the story they didn’t capitalize President. 15 out of 16 times Trump is mentioned without the title President. Are you arguing the Globe isn’t a liberal rag?

Also thank you for your response.

What all the pros know is that the president “under-polls.” Trump is usually 2 percent stronger than he “performs” in any given published poll.

“Is usually?” President Trump has only ran for public office one time that we know of, there’s no “usually” here.

Edit - unless they’re counting gop primaries of 2016 as well ?

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That’s not a bad point.

This is a good article. I remember back in 2012 how the CEC talking heads were saying that a ham sandwich could beat Obama. And the right wing public stayed at home and Obama won. The same thing happened in 2016 when the left wing public thought that Clinton would win and stayed at home. So I like articles like this. Nowadays you have to run for president like you are always two points behind.

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Thank you for your reply. What is CEC please?

Jesus, we’re breaking out this Bush era conservative chestnut again, are we?

Also these two things are mutually exclusive. If they don’t put president and Trump together there’s no reason to capitalize it. Pick an outrage.


Conservative Entertainment Complex. All of the right-wing talking heads.


You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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I’m not outraged. My purpose in pointing it out, is just to show the Globe is a liberal paper saying Biden is in trouble. Do you think I’m incorrect? Am I off base? I love your posts. Thanx for your response.

Thanx again.

The best is yet to come?

No problem. Be well and safe.

And won’t it be fine.

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I went to Breitbart and it seems like they also don’t proscribe to the respectful standard I related. I thought when I was a younger man the press did capitalize President and preface the President’s name with the title President, but maybe that was something Rush or Rove told me. I was a republican until 2016 and it has taken me a long time to learn not to capitalize “republican.”

I don’t know but if President Trump wins, the House remains democrat, and the Senate splits 50/50 with VP Pence as the tie-breaker, President Trump could be impeached weekly and I find that hilarious.

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Remarkable how little we hear of the impeachment.

The ire and angst directed at Trump has never rang true. It has always appeared forced and contrived as the impeachment was.

I do agree that campaigning as though 2 points down is best.