Biden in-then Bernie pissed and runs as 3rd party candidate

Maybe pissing off Bernie is a deliberate plan to try stealing Electoral Votes away from Trump.

If somehow that happens in National Election where Trump does not get majority of electorate a contingent election would occur.

Newly elected House to be seated in Jan 2021 would then decide whose POTUS.

Yes, that is certainly the most likely outcome of a 3rd party candidacy in this election. :roll_eyes:

If Bernie runs third party it won’t take votes from Trump, that would simply ensure a Trump victory in a landslide.


In 1968, George Wallace won 4 Southern States as a 3rd party.

Hebert Humphrey the Dem’s choice.

Richard Nixon still won election…

Yep, and Ross Perot who came closer to winning than any 3rd party candidate in the last century sandbagged republicans twice out of pure spite over a family feud with Bush.


The last 3rd party presidential candidate who took ANY electoral votes was George Wallace – and that was before many of the participants on this board were even born.

We’ve had countless 3rd party candidates over the years. Some quasi-serious ones were John Anderson and Ross Perot (twice). (Also whichever candidate the perennial 2% Libertarian Party decides to run, but those can’t be included in the “serious” category.)

Bernie is on record saying he’d get behind whatever Dem candidate wins the nomination if he doesn’t win it. But if he reneged on that statement and ran as a 3rd, he would only drain off Biden votes.

So you think Bernie has a chance to win a state that would otherwise certainly be Trump’s? Or that Bernie will get a single vote that would otherwise be Trump’s?

No, you don’t. But I’m guessing you’d love to see Bernie try it. For different reasons.

Exactly. Perot is the last third-party candidate to have a significant impact. And that was to swing it for Clinton.

WildRose, you are probably right Sanders not a threat against Trump, but never wise to assume anything. Still seems odd the Dem’s are propping up Biden though.

It’s not odd, it’s what the Establishment wants. They took in more fringe groups than they can’t handle, and it’s showing.


I know you’re young but what those of us who were around in the last century saw with 3rd party candidates is that if anything they are going to sandbag their own side, usually out of spite.

The partisans are so divided today to right and left there’s little chance of seeing any significant crossover.

Only real third party candidate who made a great showing since the civil war was Theodore Roosevelt in 1912. He pulled 88 electoral votes to Taft’s 8.

However he was destroyed by Wilson.

Why does Establishment want Biden, speaking issues, Hunter, impeachment?


Networking for what?

People. Friends. Favors. Deals. Etc…

Seems like there is a hidden agenda that will not be revealed until Milwaukee…

LOL, Believe me I am not as young as I look, but then again you have seen my mug shot…

I just don’t get Biden, Ukraine, Hunter, China, speaking-what’s the attraction?

If Bernie not Dem nomination and no 3rd party candidate he might sulk again and his group might not go full tilt.

He’s not Trump. That’s the primary attraction. And it’s a likely winner.

Biden is a braindamaged fool but he can be managed. Bernie is his own man and completely uncontrollable.