BIDEN: ‘I am the Most Qualified Person in the Country to be President’ | Sean Hannity

Former Vice President Joe Biden took one-step closer to announcing a potential bid for the White House in 2020 this week; telling a packed crowd in Montana that he is “the most qualified person in the country to be president.”

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Sean, Crazy Uncle Joe is a joke…

PLEASE tell me this is a JOKE! #CreepyUncleJoeBiden the #PublicGROPER

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Joe Biden has a firm grip on Fantasy!!

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Yeah I believe that’s what you said the other two times. So who you going to exploit now for your sympathy vote. Let me grab my shades so we can go up behind the school and pretend like we’re the toughest. What makes Biden think that after he previously tested the waters when Hillary was running and she looked to be in trouble and decided he would not to run because he knew he couldn’t win. So what does he think may have changed…

Joe… please run… put your jogging shoes on, start on California’s coast and continue running west.

Sir, you are "one’ of the most qualified persons in the country to reside in a Gitmo cell, left to grope yourself for the rest of you time on earth…

You know, the more I think about it, the more I think Biden should run for President …with Michael Avenatti as his running mate!!!