Biden has Covid


So then you get boosted.

fo what? the antibodies only last a few weeks for omicron. its the memory cells that keep you from getting sick, not the booster

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Memory cells? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

yes, memory cells. t and b cells. they are what kicks in after antibodies wear off if you become infected. essentially your body remembers how to defeat the disease.

Freakin’ Poxxer Brandon

A pandemic of the quadruple-jabbed Paxlovid-rebounding COVIDidians:
The irony would be if Biden is eventually forced to resign from his position as super-spreader-in-chief.


Biden is staying positive.

The FDA shut down the monoclonal antibodies, which were one of the few effective treatments for COVID. The argument was that the antibodies were not effective against omicron. Of course that should be true for the antibodies produced in response to the vaccines as well, but don’t let logic and science interfere with political decisions.

Time to bring back the monoclonal antibodies? Or is time to revoke the EUA for the vaccines?


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Will Biden be declared “honorary COVID negative” so he a resume his duties as super-spreader-in-chief?

Will he get his scheduled booster next month?

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No, he thinks he got a positive on a test. Passing grade.